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Beep beep beep - oO wtf,
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Conspiracy nonsense.
From the new "Be The Bad Boy Bundle" on HumbleBundle:

If you choose the "bundle with 0 items", it states: "pay at least 1€ for these 0 items".

I mean, sure - why not? :)
75 bands hidden in this picture.
75_bands.jpg (242 Kb)
While looking for nice retro scifi and fantasy pictures I came upon once in a while some Dope Rider comics. Today I looked for it them specifically and found this blog by Paul Kirchner, the creator of Dope Rider.

Here are three examples of Dope Rider comic strips:
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Thread Contribution

Attached are some pics that made me chuckle a bit for some reason....maybe y'all will enjoy em too. :)
syence.jpg (79 Kb)
gooderz.jpg (95 Kb)
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Robert Malone - Inventor of the underlying MRNA technology of BNT etc
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This video I found very entertaining(starting at around 22 seconds):
The begins to slippeth
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Obviously [making rejecting cookies extremely difficulty is] wildly illegal [in Europe], but in the meanwhile you can use this script in the developer console on the page with 300 buttons [for rejecting cookies]:
var elements = document.querySelectorAll('input[type=checkbox]');, function(el, i) { el.checked = false; });
I tested on Fandom/Wikia since it resets cookies preferences for me every once in a while, and it seems to work wonders.

On Firefox (at least on Ubuntu), open the developer console using ctrl shift k (or F12 and click in the "console" tab).
Someone interested in a vintage sci-fi series?
Space: 1999 - The Complete Series
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Why Modern Movies Suck - CGI Overload
Top Secret! shooting scene
The Immoral Design of Diablo Immortal

The Immoral Design of Diablo Immortal - Legendary Crest Addendum
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Greg Thompson "At Home with English":
Just stumbled across this ad (ad.jpg)... It's german. The text reads:
"How to defecate every morning (it's awesome)"

That alone was funny enough to save my day. But then I noticed the image on the right side (zoom.jpg). Anyone up to explain what the heck he/she is doing with the banana? Don't worry, the image is SFW ;)
ad.jpg (75 Kb)
zoom.jpg (124 Kb)
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