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I'm actually upset this isn't a game you can play. What an awesome concept for a roguelike.

Gorefield Horrorscopes COMPLETE
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Veggie facts gettin real

Right into my veins!

Dude plays techno in the street with flip-flops and tubes. Why not?
Make love, not war? Bah, make rave guns!
This is how police in Andorra entertain kids that had to stay at home during the corona crisis.

Gave away the all the food.

Coronavirus: Supermarket Worker Heartwarming Gesture goes viral.

What do you m....ohhhhhh.

Kirk is a bad, bad Captain

The Easter bunny caught the Carrot-19 virus

The truth hurts.

Life lesson
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Czech Firefighters having some fun!

Sums it all up

Faith in Humanity Restored!

Lord forgive me for what I’m about to do

Atlanta residents applauding healthcare workers during change of shift


Essential vs “important”

The whole world looking for someone to blame for the pandemic

Call it what it is

A friendly reminder from Finland in these troubling times. Get hammered responsibly by yourself.

Still relevant and now more than ever

What working from home looks like

Knock Knock

Public Service Announcement

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It's time to self-quarantine and chew bubblegum, but I'm all out of gum.
Hail to the King, Baby!
Just as I suspected...

Sauron is sick.

I'd buy it.

I did not expect that

Be sure to freeze extra supplies so they stay fresh!

Hell of earth lol
A Happier Note. Regrowth of some of the Aussie bushfires.

Feed her whatever she is asking for, NOW!

World Serpent

Old Tweet Still Has Flavour


When your new coworker likes to sleep on the job

Trying to play hide and seek with a dog who gets excited when you look at her.

A real rockstar.

They are here

Bandai - Millennium Falcon Perfect Grade - Standard Edition - Complete.

Know who I've heard from on the news? Doctors, key workers, people who actually matter and contribute to society

Who took who for a walk?

Quarantine with kids feels like
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Party Hard!

Tactical Assault

Wistman's Wood, England

How horrible for you, truly.

Ok, sure.
I can feel it...

Sweet kitty time
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Response to celebrities singing Imagine

April as we know it


If you tolerate this, your children will be next

viperfdl: ISILDUR!
Smart one.
LOL :)
Haha, sweet ^_^