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Inside a Violin.

The AfD's breakthrough shows that parties of the left must get radical
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On your marks, get set, faceplant!
Jeremy Corbyn's 2017 Labour conference speech - the full transcript
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The 'Mad Pooper' Terrorizes Town with Her Turds
A Pivot to Nuclear Fears with John Pilger
Charmin wants to give her free toilet paper:

I was doing some fact checking on WW2 US based prison of war camps and discovered that, in addition to MI5 and 6, there was a MI9 and MI19:
How condoms are made?
Sex Robot Molested At Electronics Festival
US Army dentistry and dentists during WW2
Scientists find traces of sea plankton on ISS surface

Some groovy examples.
Portugal's Socialists win local elections in boost for PM Costa
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