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richlind33: Say hello to Ed Bassmaster...

These two are a bit old but still amusing to me:
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xSinghx: These two are a bit old but still amusing to me:
New to me. ;p

Do you like parody? Here's one about everybody's favorite meme -- the fudge packer.
Talking about parodies:


The Manslater: (Woman Language Translator)
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If Professional Football Were Honest - Honest Ads (NFL, Cheerleaders, Concussions)

If Student Loans Were Honest - Honest Ads (College Debt)
Loved the stealth or stupid one.It is true though.
There're some odd things being broadcast out there....

Number stations.

Police scanner combined with music.
24 Unflattering Animal Photos That Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!

These Animals Love To Dance! (15 Hilarious Memes)
Who's the world's leading eco-vandal? It's Angela Merkel
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22 Times Dogs Wanted To Be Though But Just Couldn't

A Special Shout Out Video to Our Users

There's Always Two Sides to a Story
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Made me laugh XD
Aussies have a sense of humour.
The U.S Two-Party System is Broken | Ray McGovern | Oxford Union
Weather Balloon GoPro Captures Airbus A319 Flyby
Deutsch only, unfortunately.
macuahuitlgog: Deutsch only, unfortunately.
The video is in English but in the case there are some problems:
directlink to youtube