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Land of Rape & Honey

Ministry-Al Jourgensen

\m/ 00 \/m
This is What Happens When You Wire a Truck's Breaks to Its Horn

The Best Suntan Lotion There Is

Just Keep Swearing

Good Guy EA
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Crow Expertly Trolls Cat

Nawt ForEBBER!

Lindsay Lohan Posts What She Thinks is Arabic for "You're Beautiful" Online. Well, About That...

Here's Why You Never Ask the Internet for Help... Ever

Indeed You Are

The New Steam Summer Sale

Feminists Play Grand Theft Auto For The First Time (And the Obvious Happens)

I Always Falter At This Part of The Interview Too

A Letter To Adults Who Are Also Having Zero Sex

Like Tripod?

The Newest Superhero

After You Die What Will Your Stats Be?
For those of you following the Steam/Bethesda "pay for mods" scheme.

Edit: Here's the actual Steam Workshop link.
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Big Brother Gets a Surprise When He Plays With the New Baby
30 of the Most Ridiculous Examples of Fallout Logic
OT : Maisie Williams makes me laugh.

(Sorry to derail the cheezburger thread. Carry on.)
UK Government of Thrones...
Dorkly Tackles Disney Sex Scenes in a Way You'll Wish You'd Never Seen
Arnold Schwarzenegger Performs His Career in 6 Minutes with Help From James Corden

Do I Have Litter Stuck to My Fur Again?

I Even Opened it For You!

Fifty Shades of Grey Gets the Honest Trailer It So Desperately Needed

Just What're You Tryin' to Say, Cookie?

Meanwhile, in Cornwall...

Witness the Beautiful Destruction of a Crashing LEGO Star Destroyer in Slow Motion

Bring Me A Bigger Glass Please


Critical Miss: Simple
Critical Miss: PUA
Microsoft HoloLens
Stumbled upon this.

Maybe I should read the whole webcomic.