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The Inflation of Batman

So That's Why Some People's Prayers Never Get Answered
Put on Some Headphones and Listen to Immersive Binaural Audio

Raised by Cats

Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme Troll Everyone

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Something Is Missing

Welcome to the Land of the Worst

20 of the Best Besiege Creations
Hard Like Heroic
What's Wrong With This Picture?

Dat Apple

Give Me Free Fries!

The Most Beautifully Redneck Six Seconds of Video on the Internet

The Latest ISIS Propaganda Video is Not What You'd Expect

Dog Cop, Reporting for Duty!
This Headcrab is a Jerk

Choo Choo! The Karma Train Has Arrived

It's Definitely Not Reality

Now That's a Fort!

It's Going to Be a Bad Day

One Kinky Wizard

Cats Don't Do Well on Caffeine

She's Hollow!

Don't Trust Their Lies

Can You Believe This Guy?
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Everyone Who Checks Their Phone From Bed Needs to Read This Comic

The Key to Stopping Gun Violence

The Future of Gaming is Bleak

And Bring a Jacket, it Gets Cold

Everyone Has Their Demons

One Little Girl's Baking Soda Volcano Did Not Go According to Plan

This is Why People Had To Hide Their Cookies From Ayn Rand

The Economics of Robin Hood

Printer Problems

How The US Looks To Europe
Did you just call me a Walrus?

Little note, i remember reading this comic years and years ago (pre-2008), then it got discontinued for some reason. Only now do i find out it was resumed again, so i'm re-reading it, and this feels as good a reason to drop this in here as any :)
Cute Puppy

You have no secrets
Sorry, German only. And if you have a tendency to feel offended then Somuncu is definitely not for you.
Serdar Somuncu - Ein demagogischer Blindtest
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The Plight of the Masters
viperfdl: ...
One Kinky Wizard
... eyeballs are melting
viperfdl: ...
One Kinky Wizard
pigdog: eyeballs are melting
Yeah, it isn't a pretty sight. It can help to rinse the eyes with tepid water. Or one can look at more pleasant pictures like or [url=]this.

You're Fricking Right

Historically Accurate Disney Costumes are More Beautiful Than the Film Versions
The necklaces are glued on the breasts. How realistic...

Cleaning a Theater After a Showing of 50 Shades of Grey
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Pffttt... cucumbers xD
pigdog: eyeballs are melting
viperfdl: Edit2:
Cleaning a Theater After a Showing of 50 Shades of Grey
Never going to a movie theater ever again.
Yeah.....sorry about that.