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Rodger THAT!

Rad Rodgers, the kinetic action/platformer starring the titular teenager and his feisty game console, has received a rad update which is totally free for current owners of the game. The base price for the game has now been increased accordingly but it's 25% off until February 28, 6PM UTC.

Here are some of the cool new things this update brings:

- Leaderboards for those sweet sweet bragging rights
- 5 new levels (3 Pogostick ones and 2 big, regular ones)
- More than 20 hats to collect and put on Rad so that he's always in vogue
- Several Pixelverse puzzles have been redesigned and now include new types of puzzles as well
- 4 new enemies (including 2 minibosses) and a brand new weapon to snuff them out with
KAMIdesu: Love how it's advertised as a "free" update even though the game's price went up because of it.
Well, that means the upgrade is indeed free. That's the definition of an upgrade: you can only get one if you already own the base product. If you only buy the game now at its increased price, you're not upgrading.
low rated
Would someone mind explaining to me why my last post is 'low-rated' when eniloch's isn't and is clearly the one insulting me? I thought most people on GOG were non-americans...
Alarus-Sarthes: eniloch ... is clearly the one insulting me?
you are delusional. Let's see:
"I can't help but notice the straw man rambling" - eniloch
"shut the fuck up bitch ... typical american piece of crappy fuckin' shit" - you
Yeah he's the one insulting you. hahaha ffs