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Well, official word is that starting today, anyone possessing a prepaid or otherwise credit card, can now henceforth, purchase AGAIN stuff online, over the internet, even in foreign countries; in detail, music and "applications" are a specified category listed, which is allowed again, now (logically games, too, since they are technically considered an application).

I tried before midnight and right now, to purchase the Witcher Expansion Pass. But still, i get the same error message that i was used to, from before, when internet and abroad purchases were still banned. Which reads: "This transaction cannot be completed, due to restrictions on your bank's end. It may prohibit international transactions altogether (we are based in europe etc... Please contact your bank's customer service").

Can someone else buy normally stuff here, now, again? Could someone from gog staff provide me with some more detail, concerning this mishap? Just what the hell does GoG receive from my goddamned bank's end, i really wonder (notification-wise)?

Just curious. And hasty, in order to round up my wishlist and secure my queued desired purchases, before those sh*tty banks close down permanently, or again temporarily, or gods only know what else and what next...
Post edited August 05, 2015 by KiNgBrAdLeY7