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Hi guys,

As the subject suggests, I am here, in total isolation for the next two weeks in order to protect my loved ones, as I have traveled fairly frequently in some high risk areas. I suppose I'm not the only one either! So, this is my first post, it's a question, the answers to which may assist any of us having to go through an enforced quarantine away from our family, friends, jobs and so on.

So, you've got two weeks, a respectable amount of beer, sweet fuck all to do and nobody to see, how terrible. You're looking for one, gripping, immersive game that is going to get you hooked and make the time fly by. Personally, I love RPGs, cRPGs, adventure, or strategy games, but let's keep the genre open.

If you could play the shit out of ONE GAME, for two weeks, practically undisturbed, what would it be? That is the question GOG.
There are many games that can suck your time. Rouge-likes, MMO's, Diablo series, tactics games, 4X, Visual Novels.

Hmmm... I can think of several games that i could replay and enjoy, but would take anywhere from 2-6 hours to beat. Some games like Diablo 2 i got my fill of and not sure I'd want to go through fighting with picking up dozens of piles of gold, even with mods like Zy-El.

Rouge-likes, probably not going to do 2 weeks. Reminds me, gotta finish ToME, got a mod making it a lot easier to get 50+ level and actually survive...

Tactics games, like Disgaia, sure if you haven't gotten sick of the 'taking your turn' bit it could be fun and last you a week or two straight.

Replaying older games even with crappy graphics, like FF7 can last you if you are willing to sit it out. Especially if you are trying to beat all the Weapons.

Racing games... only if you are a racing nut. Think i can only stand those a few hours at a time.

Point&Click... only if you like point&click. Hard NO for me.

Other Diabloish games, like Torchlight, Victor Vran, Vanhellsing... Might have a good loop to keep you going for a while.

Creativity games, where it's more tinkering around, MineCraft and Terraria might do.

Programming/puzzle games could take forever. TIS-100, Space Chem, Human Resource Machine, 5 Billion, and the like might work.

RPG games, that are D&D-ish. Gives you a LOT to work with. NeverWinter Nights, Baulders Gate, and the like. If you can get past the immediate difficulty curve and survive. Divinity Original Sin 1&2 might be a better choice.

Hack and slash, say Dragon's Crown, might do it as it has a lot of stuff in there too....

No wait.... Odin Sphere... That's my choice :)
Alien: Isolation

that or Divinity: Original Sin
Neverwinter Nights or Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures. Both have tons of great community adventures to download for free that could last you not just 2 weeks but 2 years and more.
Terraria. I've completed this game plenty of times, and it just never gets old.
So you're looking at, what, about 100 hours put into said game? I'd say a fair number of notable RPGs up to 2002 could fit that bill, if played thoroughly. Morrowind, Arcanum, Neverwinter Nights (piles of other campaigns available there too), Might and Magic series (especially 6 of course)...
Strategy, that may also work similarly. Do the Impressions-developed city builders count? Or various Sid Meier games, not necessarily just the Civilization ones. Probably also various Tycoon and similar games. Maybe also Tropico 3 and 4. Probably many, likely most, combat-focused TBS and RTS games too, quite certainly if you also include individual scenarios and/or skirmishes, so take your pick there.
Or what about puzzles, like The Incredible Machine, or good old now-freeware Supaplex?
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

Divinity: Original Sin II

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Railway Empire

Shortest Trip to Earth

Battle Brothers

No Man's Sky

Phantom Doctrine

All this games are on GOG. All this games are amazing and great time-sink.

Have fun and all the best!
Witcher 3: GOTY. I've completed the main campaign (made 2 not very obvious wrong choices) and first expansion (loved it). And I have plans to complete the whole game again on hardest difficulty this time making it right. And I don't know any other game which I could play for a long period non-stop.

If the quarantine period will start after 31st of March and I have internet connection I would choose GTFO Rundown #002. That game is super fun, each day you have new comrades, might even find some gaming friends. 2 weeks was the exact period for me to enjoy the game thoroughly and complete all maps 10 times each which is just enough for me.

I tried Doom Eternal yesterday, a very nice game with good mechanics and desperately low ammo. But I'm not sure it's possible to enjoy it for 2 weeks, after each level I personally need a break and there are not so many levels there even with master levels. Maybe I'm wrong I don't know for sure. I had the same effect from Doom (2016): good game I like to play with occasional breaks between levels.
Easy. Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Also I'd like to trade in the beer for something better than swill and horse piss. Maybe some cider.
I've spent 1500 hours on warband and still plenty of room to keep playing that. Next is Fallout 4 with about 400 hours. I think I'd love to get into Witcher 3, spent a whole hour on it so far, but I have watched maybe 80 hours of someones letsplay on that.
the game I play
Bike Racing
This threat reminded me of something
Some sandbox open world game like 7 Days to die, Ark survival evolved or project zomboid.
Hmm, probably Eador:Genesis (or Eador: Masters of the Broken World, it's the same game :P).

Alternatively - Warhammer 40k: Gladius, or Warlock: Masters of the Arcane or first M.A.X.
Since it just arrived here - Xcom 2. Darn Paradox. Bring us Cities Skylines!