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Prepare to celebrate the event that will take place on 19th August 2021 with the special QuakeCon Sale on GOG.COM! Play games like Heretic + Hexen Collection (-70%), Quake 4 (-70%), and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (-70%) before the sale ends on 23rd August 2021, at 5 PM UTC.

Also, be sure to read our editorial about the Quake series from the past.

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high rated
Here we go again... again.
Post edited August 10, 2021 by fronzelneekburm
Fingers crossed that Doom 2016 shows up.
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Alright finally Doom 2016 comes to GO..... oh...... well we can finally play Fallout 4..... oh....... uhm.... Skyrim..... No?.......
fronzelneekburm: Here we go again... again.
I first read 'no' as 'two' and was over the moon.
Was disappointed soon enough. xD
Come on, give us at least something like the original Doom 3 + RoE if not anything "new" new.
Post edited August 10, 2021 by idbeholdME
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why are we alive just to suffer?
Lol good thing i waited since i wanted to buy fallout new vegas as they reduced the price even further than 10 eu.
The same price was for fallout 3 last time but not new vegas.
Bought it just in case if the game would disappear but think this won't happen.
Not really excited by a supposedly special sale where many of the offers are not on historical low. GOG prices is already higher than other stores for me .

I'll save a faint hope for the beginning of QuakeCon or the end of the sale. But that is an unlikely outcome, unfortunately.
Doom 2016, Skyrim, Fallout 4... Nothing still here
Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders is a bargain at 0% off

Why bother getting 4 games in the Heretic + Hexen Collection bundle, when you can get one of them at almost twice the cost.
I would have been happy even with Rage, but instead... nothing.