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Experience 30 minutes of hardcore slasher gameplay thanks to the free demo version of the game.

Ghostrunner is an FPP game packed with lightning-fast action, set in a grim, cyberpunk megastructure. Your mission is to climb the so-called Dharma Tower from the bottom to the top and confront the tyrannical Keymaster.

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Let's try the DEMO! This video game interests me a lot!
Thanks GOG!
Post edited October 23, 2020 by UCrest
Beat the demo in 27 minutes. Here's my pro & cons so far judging from what the demo had to offer.

• the game runs very well and smooth with settings set to max
• movement feels good and responsive
• the gameplay mix of slashing combined with sliding, wall running, mid-air dodging and grapple hook swinging creates a nice fluid flow. Feels like a first person Katana Zero mixed with Mirrors Edge

• enemies seem to be a little too accurate with their shots
• projectiles don't make a sound when they blow up in your face so it's a little hard to notice if there is an enemy shooting you from behind etc. at times, this can lead to unexpected deaths
• there is no indicator for when you are able to dash again, a little icon or a sound when the dash is ready again could help

Overall I liked the demo and I'm looking forward to the full game.
I have the issue of VCRUNTIMEE140_1.dll not found when I try to start the demo. No matter if I install it with the launcher or manual.
neilin: I have the issue of VCRUNTIMEE140_1.dll not found when I try to start the demo.
Install the latest/update the installed Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime.
Looks like Mirror's Edge crossed with Dishonored.
RelicMaster: Looks like Mirror's Edge crossed with Dishonored.
Plays like it too, at least on the Mirror's Edge side of things.
The wall-running, sliding, dashing, grapple-hooking and fluidly chaining it all together makes for a really satisfying experience.

Great music too, hope there's a soundtrack for purchase come release as well.
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Plays great on "epic" settings on my machine, which is near the minimum specs for Cyberpunk 2077 (Radeon RX 570, but I do have 16 GB ram, Ryzen 5 1600, and an SSD). Thanks for the demo!