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Hello darkness, my old friends.

<span class="bold">Night in the Woods</span>, an offbeat adventure full of mystery, questionable life choices, and demanding friendships, is now available for pre-order for Windows, Mac, and Linux, DRM-free on

Growing up can be scary. Returning to your hometown with nothing to show for your absence can be terrifying. After three semesters, Mae drops out of college and returns to Possum Springs, looking to get back with her friends and her carefree routine. But things are not like they used to be. Everyone seems to have moved on, the town is circling the drain ever since the mines closed down, and Mae suddenly realizes she can now use astral projection. Fancy that.
On top of it all, weird stuff is happening in the nearby woods. It's time to explore the city, spend time with friends, meet new people, mess things up, and investigate these strange events. And who knows, perhaps you'll learn something about yourself in the process.

Pre-order <span class="bold">Night in the Woods</span> and prepare for a surreal but strangely relatable story about moving on -- DRM-free on
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Shadowcat: Based on that trailer this game looks completely mad, but in a decidedly polished way. I'm quite intrigued.
Longest Night is a little game in the world of Night in the Woods, where the gang hangs out looking at the stars and telling the myths tied to them. Not much action, but some good flavor from teh game's lore. Choose your own price for it.

Lost Constellation is the same, except you're playing the protagonist in a folktale from the NitW universe. You made a promise to find the missing stars no matter what. I highly recommend it. Also much more content than the prior game.
Thanks for that, Anaxphone.