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Pre-order and play the Beta right now, only on GOG.com.

UPDATE: Say your prayers: Hellmut arrives at GOG on February 26! Pre-order here and get a free exclusive weapon - the GOG Galaxificator.

Reminder: The Beta, available immediately to everyone who pre-orders, has received one hell of an update! It brings new environments, characters, and boss fights, plus several fixes and improvements.

Hellmut: The Badass from Hell is now available for pre-order, DRM-free on GOG.com with a 10% discount.
He's been to hell and back; that changed him. It still does, in fact, as Hellmut can transform himself into the Rat King, the Orc Fairy, and a bunch of other absurd oddities as he fights to eradicate any demon he comes across in this explosive dungeon crawler.

Pre-order to get the Soundtrack and Wallpapers for free (available at a later date), as well as access to the Closed Beta (available right away). The Beta will be receiving updates on a regular basis, so participants can see the game evolve and offer their feedback to the developers throughout the process.
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Yeah, this game is very good and the developers are very active even on the GOG forum for any questions.
Also for once a game seems more focused on GOG than Steam, you can only support them!