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Let's get started! :)

Edit: It can be both fictional or real.
Post edited August 12, 2020 by Green_Hilltop
^ He is kind enough to start a forum game for the entertainment of enlightened GOG members.
has a beard that doubles as soft toilet paper.
He at least gives you advanced warning he's going to rob and keel haul you.
Seems a bit edgy, not to mention the face but, always willing to participate
Has beautiful, fluffly parrots that make their day brighter every morning! :)
Has hair perfectly cut to look like a beret.
StarChan: Has hair perfectly cut to look like a beret.
soft skin, like a well curled mcflurry
Is frugal and saves his colours for later.

*food for thought that this seems to be one of the least successful threads ever*
He was enterprising and started a new and popular thread.
It's hard to keep that hair and beard not catching fire during the entire journey to secure the one ring.
Was picked to play in the early Star Wars movies, but let C3PO take his place...
Is exercising a 1 m distance (at the very least) to Facebook.
^ has beautiful curves like the fjords of Norway.
low rated
^They like making caricatures for friends and passers by to cheer them up