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^ has evidently killed off this thread by wearing a tinfoil hat! O_o
^ Changes his Avatar more often than most people change clothes ;-)
Post edited April 09, 2014 by Lou
^changes underwear less often than that... ~
^ Likes to clean his socks in other peoples dishwashers..
^ his favorite RTS ever? C&C Tiberian Sun
^ Is from the netherlands?
^ has been around the netherlands a few times - with a few short people, some beary old git, and a couple of other oddballs.
Was trying to return some ring he found.

Lost the plot entriely...
I'd definitely have fun there. :P
^ Racially profiles tops and bottoms of Oreo cookies and views "double stuff" as an abomination before the Lord.
^ is a great guy
^ Has a secret armada of Dugongs that do his bidding.
^has a secret counter-armada of Narwhals for my Dugongs
Post edited April 20, 2014 by GastonArg
^thinks of narwhals as "unicorns of the ocean" and secretly adores them
^ Puts on great donkey shows.
^ sells donkeys for said shows