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^ knows how to take care of ashy skin condition with his finger nails.
likes to create a random name of him/her self
^ forgot to put the '<' sign in front of his sentence above.
^ heard that people like the ">" in their "<", so proceeded to "^" the "v".
Is a-hand-on-your-hearth-PC-User!
^ was reminded of Kylie Minoque when he saw FantasyNightmare.
^ was banished to an island after the French got sick of him.
high rated
^ Had a relative banished to Devil's Island, by the French, and is still fighting the bills of three unscrupulous travel agents in America over the charges.
^draws giant genetalia in the sand on the beach with the words "sacre bleu!"
high rated
^ Often sits on the beach contemplating life, and hoping some giant genitalia rises out of the sand underneath him.
^ has a giant genitalia but falls into a coma wenn his genitalia gets stiff and therefore nearly his whole blood flows into it, so that there is insufficient blood left to supply his brain with oxygen.
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^ is blue with envy of a smoking baby's gentalia? O_o
^ is smoking a carbonized prehistoric primate genitalia, releasing carbon into the athmosphere and trapping heat. An alien flying saucer was suffering from overheating while cruising through the athmosphere and was burning into total evaporation, preventing it from becoming human's first proof of extraterrestrial existence on Earth.
^ believes extraterrestrial beings with six fingers in their right hands are amongst us, relentlessly plotting on Earth domination
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^ Is being used by said Aliens to terrify earthlings into submission based on his resemblance to el diablo.
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