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^ both him and his faithful horse are completely still as statues, waiting reverently for the mind-blowing stuff GOG promised on May
^ has already suspected that GOG won't have any mindblowing stuff in May.
^ doesnt know what GOG is planning to put in the water supply
^ is a massive Rihanna fan boy
^ dresses himself like Rihanna in order to get a fan boy.
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^ Was said fanboy until he found my unwashed panties
^ didn't wash his panties during a whole year, in order to get Silverhawk's attention
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^ Lies

He in fact repeatedly broke my washing machine and the one at the local dry cleaners every time i tried to wash said panties.
^ is telling the truth, and I did it because his panties were full of radioactive material that would have utterly contaminated any washing machine in case of being introduced in it, spreading lethal radiation to his whole neighborhood
^ didnt tell Silverhawk170485 about it and now feels so ashamed of the fact due to Silverhawk170485's mutations lymphoma
^ doesn't know the universal translator didn't work with Silverhawk' species
^ didn't read the instruction manual of the universal translator, so he doesn't know that it works correctly with the human species if the right input is provided. Babbling doesn't work.
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^ Is the author of Where God Went Wrong, Some More of God's Greatest Mistakes, Who is This God Person Anyway, and Well, That About Wraps it Up for God.

Incidentally I find his arguments to be a load of Dingo's Kidneys.
^ Would love to eat a load of Dingo's Kidneys with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
^Has an ashy skin condition because people refuse to remember to put the lotion in the basket.