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^did odd things with s fish as a child and still regrets not eating it and taking over its underwater kingdom populated by frogmen, whalepeople and 8,000,000 copies of peter kays last dvd sales from HMV!
^ Spouts gibberish and wonders why people slowly back away from him.
^ has been on a time traveling adventure all over the microverse
^Makes Instant Coffee in the microwave in order to go back in time.
^uses a tomato-TARDIS
^ will buy Persona 2 EP tomorrow
^ Will buy every game on GOG tomorrow.
^will buy.... a potato next week.
^ really likes potatoes.
^Is responsible for the disposal of Manti Te'o's imaginary girlfriends body....and swears it will never be found.
^found a body in a box marked "secret hiding place, please don't open"
^ Opened the box only to discover that it contained... HIS OWN BODY!
^ neglected to submit the preceding story for our approval.
Catches insects and proceeds to pull their wings off and then releases them in the hope that by his doing this he creates a new wingless subspecies
^ has a big collection of rare insects from all the world