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^ Attempted to shake a spear but dropped it due to lack of opposable thumbs
^ is at the hospital since his thumbs went into opposition so much that they decided to split
^is at the hospital, visiting his good friend flubbucket
^ he always wanted to be a doctor, so he occasionally does operations in a hospital when noone's looking
^Forgot the words to the national anthem, but luckily was singing in the shower.
^ exports horse meat labeled as beef.

too soon?
^ As the owner of Taco Bell has earned Dzsono's "Best Customer" award 20 years running
^ has eaten a whole Taco Bell in one sitting
^wants to make other people feel the same, same way about tacos, tacos
^has never eaten a taco
^ borrowed a burrito to catch a wild taco but only caught a cold
^ thinks taco is a kind of fish
Post edited February 25, 2013 by Fesin
^ has eaten a giant 8-bit taco bell fish
^ once caught a fish, like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big
^ Stole and then ate said fish.