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Sold Paul Atreides his very first Stillsuit.
^ has a stillsuit for every occasion
Was a professional chicken wrangler before taking an arrow to the knee :)
^ Shall be welcomed to the forum by everyone or else...
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^ is treacherously plotting to improve his position from "Consigliere" to "Capo di tutti capi"
^is plotting world domination with his pet spoon.
^ is actually Kyle (not Kylie) MacLachlan and is plotting Hollywood domination
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^drinks 42 liters of ginger ale every day.
^ watches 24 episodes of her favorite soap opera every day, non-stop
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^ watches 24 episodes of star trek every day, non-stop, 12 of which are from the animated series.
^ was an extra on said Animated Series
^ only gets animated once a month when the moon is full and the mad scientist attaches his nipple clamps to the lightening rod on the tower
^ Can't seem to remember where he misplaced his nipple clamps.......again
^ unable to remember where he misplaced the lightening rod on the tower, nor the tower itself... again
^built himself a tower to watch over the Vulcan people, and to ensure they did not have too short ears.