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Just because I'm sleepy as hell but still need to work.
Post a random fact or "fact" you know about the person above you.
^ Doesn't have an English accent. I think. (not a bad thing, but false advertising etc)
Post edited June 02, 2010 by Shalgroth
^Has an absolutely amazing stamp collection.
^Likes to dance around his room in the nude.
^Likes to watch me dance through my bedroom window.
^ Stole my stamp collection.
^Is a vile heretic. No, I won't specify what kind.
^Is Reasonable-ish
^ Is an indecipherable poster.
^Is actually just a ninja.
^ is so indecisive that "he" has had a grand total of 6 sex change operations
^ like fishes, the same way that Troy McClure does.
[strike that]^ Isn't really a cute redhead.[/strike]
^ Likes to ninja in before my attack on Aliasalpha
Shalgroth: ^ Doesn't have an English accent. I think. (not a bad thing, but false advertising etc)

I take that "From" in the profile as a "the place you're currently living in so we can easily get together for drinks" rather than "the place of origin". Taking that into account, I don't have a brit accent and I will always ask for chips instead of crisps (if I want fries I'll say fries god damn it!)
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^Drinks Pickwick tea and enjoys it!
Gaze into the demise of tea drinkers!
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^Has never heard of Twinings