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KneeTheCap: ^ does not own Witcher 2
thespian9099: ^His wife is not attracted to video games

Nice one! And ninja'ed by te_lanus, as always...
^ is going to gift me this since I've been ninja'ing him the whole day
^that's what he believes

Going offline. Have a nice day you all.
^ Is "offline" using the ships computers to steal the "l" from te_lanus moniker in retaliation for being constantly ninja'd by him

thespian9099: ^that's what he believes

Going offline. Have a nice day you all.
take care buddy
^ has tried a distant-learning course in ninja skills but has jet to master it
^ Accidentally create a new awesome ninja genre:

Jet Ninja.

Ninja that use jetpack, the sky shadows!
^ after an unfortunate tree falling accident, while on expedition in the jungle, paper mache' was used on the spot to reconstruct his head
Post edited August 05, 2012 by Zoltan999
^ was irresponsible for the tree falling accident, when he thought he could play Tarzan and swing from tree to tree
^ Is a pyromaniac. Once he tried to burn his own house. He failed. Next time try using a lighter, not two wooden sticks.
^Once played a bad guy on one of the power ranger shows.
uruk: ^Once played a bad guy on one of the power ranger shows.
Once had an avatar that said "I'm with stupid" with an arrow pointing up.
Is Alex the Lion from Madagascar that's trapped in the New York Zoo
^ Was an extra in a Judas Priest video
^is a wizard, Harry
^ Got punched out by palm reader for having 'half an hour earlier and it would have been your daughters boob you were looking at' written on the palm of his hand.
^ Victor Von Doom's cousin twice removed who work as Latveria's minister of public work. Once suggested that Victor need to train his army to deal with squirrel infestation. Victor laugh him off.

After Victor was defeated by Squirrel Girl Brako never stop bringing the topic up during Thanksgiving dinner.