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^ Has a tatoo of Moses parting the Red Sea of his backside.
^ saw aforementioned tattoo with his own eyes.
Looks for prescription medicines in bathroom when visiting friends.
^ likes morphine.
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^ Devoured the real sauvignon1 to gain his powers.
doccarnby: ^ Devoured the real sauvignon1 to gain his powers.
^^^^^Reminds me of some character from some old sitcom I can't recall off the top of my head.....maybe Andy Griffith Show or Walker Texas Stranger.
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^ Chews ass and kicks bubblegum...and he's all out of ass. >_<
^ Is only slightly incorruptable.
^Drinks unpasteurized milk and listens to Gary Numan's Car song in the shower.
^ Evidently Obama still thinks its all his fault.
^ Still bitter the JLA turned him down
^Likes brutal and bloody Farmville simulations.
^got upset when Louis XVI didn't pay attention to him.
^ Gave Robin Hood a good Thwacking.
^ Sued Robin Hood for copyright infringement and won. Robin Hood is no longer allowed to boast of his archery skills.