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Wouldn't defend me, even if i hired his services and knighted him!
^ He is in no regard defenseless, who knows well how to defend himself.
^ accurately assesses defensive capabilities of a combatant.
Wrongfully assumes that defense is a sufficient offense, which is wrong. Never read Sun Tzu's masterpiece and its newly found, companion book, either. Strictly western combatant, ergo insufficient and disposable, unlike or compared against, the eastern masters!
^ He is not skilled in Krav Maga.
^ is a former student of aikido. He then quit practicing aikido and founded a new, similar martial art called aikidya.
likes to fight windmills. Both proverbial ones and real ones.
^ His arms move so fast that he appears to have eight of them at times.
His staff is low quality with 23/85 durability; it cannot work magic and it doesn't conceal a blade. Even a twig freshly removed from a tree, would be higher tier, offensively AND defensively!
^ shows the same facial expression when reacting to different kinds of situation.
^ Owns a business.
^ He minds his manners.
^ is in a perpetual rivalry with Saruman over who is the whitest.
Is actually aspiring to become a black knight, a dark knight, or even better, a Death Knight!
Without sufficient aspiration, he may find his death on a dark, black night.