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^ is dressed like a penguin... baked in bacon... for no reason... at all...

*checks drink least i hope it a penguin! O___O!
Sachys: ...
Does not actually live on mars, since otherwise it would have taken him at least 10 minutes to respond to our various allegations, as opposed to his current average of about 4 minutes...
The head of MI6 is up to something :-/ I'm going to have to start driving in circles to get to work. Its the only way to determine whether I am being followed.
^ doesn not undertstand interplanetary logistics and communication beyond human means. probably thinks s-club 7 is still cools as well.

edit: just also ate half a bottle of encona super hot sauce as i didnt want to waste sausages! WHHHHHHHHIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm seeing donkeys! OW!
Post edited June 03, 2014 by Sachys
^ Is unaware of how this situation tuned into "What the hell are you talking about?" type of scenario.
^ created situation, now needs to drink the rest of the hot sauce!
^ Doesn't know I drink only cold stuff and that I can give him my Kool Aid resources as I never touch them.
^ has not drunk the dodger hot sauce!
^ Didn't say he's not drinking cool aid.
^ reduced the strength of his own army to a one man army by offering them all a special homemade Kool-Aid.
^ is in fact HijacK's one man army.
^ Regularly chants under willow trees to appease the weather goddess
^ Likes bone shaped truffles
^ truffle shuffles like a pro!
^Does the truffle shuffle and shakes it all about.
^ Has a thing for Stephen King