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^ hates bacon
^ loves bacon.
^ Is neutral towards bacon.
^ Uses a network of squirrel informants to ensure dogs are kept on leashes in the park.
^ uses dogs to chase said squirrels
^ Is really upset that a rotund Panda became the Dragon Warrior instead of himself.
^ Is named lou. :P
^ got rotundulated by a panda... cannot understand the oncoming extinction of an otherwise infertile and non-sexual species because he aint doped up on bamboo and doesnt know panda lube is available from outlets in the zoo!

^ spends free time sabotaging tubes of lube with finely ground sand particles for kicks and giggles
Has Marty Feldman Eyes but not due to hyper active thyroid condition. Oh no!!

It's because he's been there and done that and it was real man...so real like you don't even know!!!
Wasted years of life addicted to the hokey pokey but has turned himself around! Now knows what it's all about.
^ Sends out his greets to the feline creatures living in the province of Elsweyr.

Sorry to break the flow, but this bears recognition:
Sachys: ^never wanted to be a rasher of bacon so much in all their life!
That was a very clever pun!
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^ is often found Elsweyr - usually looking for puns in the dumpsters
^ has a rich nougat center that was implanted by the KBG
^ is a sinister guy