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^ is responsible for the rifling on the dwarf cannon and has 1,347 patents filed on the it. needs a new hobby.
^never overcame the anal stage of psypoological development
^ Made everything awkward
^ has a thing for that
^ Wishes that Noam Chomsky would just go back to Linguistic Theory.
^Is madly in love with Noam Chomsky.
^ Helps to keep this thread alive.
^ is not related to Guacamelee!
^ Is compelled to objectify vegetables instead of simply viewing them as the sex toys they truly are
^ Turned his hobby into a career and opened a greengrocery
^ has a hobby of nudism and keeps bothering me with it!
^ knows how to art.
cmdr_flashheart: ^ knows how to art.
^ can spell all the ABC through burping, within 60 seconds.
^ relaxes at home with raw bacon strips wrapped around feet
^never wanted to be a rasher of bacon so much in all their life!