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^ doesn't know that, that cool avatar, is the Devil himself :D
^Is trying to mislead us all as to the true identity of The Debil
^looks like he lost his mind
^lost his OTHER mind/.
^ gave up her mind, as she feels it's taking up too much space
^ was swimming in the Caribbean. Animals were hiding behind the rock.

Except for little fish....
^ Swims with the fishes.
^ loves to send little kids to swim with the fishies
^ enthusiastically breeds piranhas to throw them into local swimming holes when children go swimming
^ inadvertently acquired a walkie-talkie enabling him to talk to his 12 year old self and proceeded to instruct his younger self to go swimming in a hole he knew had piranha and leeches in it.


Because when he was 12 some asshole did the exact same thing to him and so he vowed he would get revenge on some other kid on a walkie-talkie.
^made the walkie-talkie.
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^ still uses two cans with rope attached to talk to his parents
^talks to their parents by screaming to the next room over, the lucky bastard.
^ talks without words
^ is a French cactus plushie :D