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^hates assassins.
^ loves assasins, with or without creed.
^ is the worst assassin because of his creed, "live long and prosper".
^ apparently has never heard Thespian* immediately add the words "IN HELL!!" shortly before vaporizing his target.
^ is fixated with Atlantis, and want to rebuild it on the Gregg Seamount
^is fixated on onion salad.
^Is fiercely fixated on fictional facial fractures from freaking Far East fracking......for realz!!
^ Speaks fluent gibberish
Has problems speaking at all.
^ speaks only under the light of the waning moon when the comet does light up the sky and the earth doth tremor underneath
^speaks only in chimpanzee, and gets irritated when people cannot understand him
^ Played Rugby for the All-Blacks, but wasn't satisfied with the pay :P
^ is actually a brunette, but spends most of the pay in hair dyes
^ is actually a Romulan, its just that nobody in Starfleet can tell the difference.
^ is actually an unicorn, disguised for fear of the hunters