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^ is also the pokemon bulbasaur
^ has a whole farm of Pokemon, that he use to make food of
^enjoys pokemon cheeseburgers
^ stole my Pikachu flavored Ice Cream
^Will attempt to Take A Peek At You if given the chance.
high rated
^ Will always peek, if given the chance, but isn't that normal?
^ Does peak but when questioned about it he denies everything.
high rated
^ Knows I trust nothing, and depend upon my Consigliere to deal with these issues.
^ has a birthday and is dealing out prezzies :P
^ as deals with a different type of "prezzies", is under surveillance by police

Once while break-dancing, kicked a small child in the face, leaving them with permanent dis-figuration. Feels no sympathy or remorse for the "incident" by telling himself repeatedly "little bastard shouldn't have gotten so close, its his own fault."
^is actually yasmina reza, and used the above anecdote as an inspiration for "the god of carnage".
^ has front-row seats for tonight's Daytona 500. But can't attend as he can't stand Motor racing
^has front row seats to a Shakespear play 100 years ago
^thinks Shakespeare is actually a sub-genre of action film