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^does "stuff" to chimps in the bed - THAT REQUIRES A NAPKIN!
Laughed his ass of (I did).. originally was ment to be insane but you know..now that I said it.. Seems to be normal and listens Kesha.
^ has a nail on his nose
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^ Tries unsuccessfully to hit the said nail on it's nose
^ is afraid to hit the nail on his own nose too deep and therefore stop being a Walking Dead forum member
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^ wishes he were a mak'tar.
^ wishes he had one (and only one) tribble

Telika: ^ wishes he were a mak'tar.
Star Trek or Galaxy Quest reference? :D
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^secretly wishes he was a human, so that his people would find him 'fascinating'.
^ was once classified as human, but it was rescinded as she couldn't prove that her dad was an earthborn being
^ is an Earthborn being.... but not of this Earth.

^ uses night vision goggles... even with daylight
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high rated
^ Once liked to view the world through rose colored glasses, but stopped because it made it hard to differentiate urine from orange drink.
^ LOVES oranges drink... he thinks... he's pretty sure anyway... hopefully
^ Is secretly Dr. Phil.
^ is the pokemon bulbasaur