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KylieM: ^needs pies
^Is smiledog's owner: Smile(wo)man
Post edited February 20, 2013 by GameRager
^ once tried to impersonate a Clown, but got it wrong and was beaten up by Batman, as his disguise was that of The Joker
^Takes a shower everytime it rains regardless of whether or not it's a Saturday night
^ someone that likes drinks
^ is made up of 95% alcohol. And is a known fire hazard
^ is actually an ex-girlfriend of Spider-man
^is actually an ex-human, until humans meddled with his DNA to produce the ultimate elf, unfortunately the experiment failed and created the race 'Vulcan'
^ has obviously irritated her little brother at some point
^ Is a sci-fi ninja who can call in tactical nukes.

<Was reminded of Starcraft Ghost; such promise :(
^ was caught masturbating to a picture of Gabe Newell
^has two consoles and pits those same time Alucard vs Raziel..

usually Kain wins.
^ is unclear about where exactly the liquor has to be inserted.
^looks forward.. usually is wrong. ^^
^ Goes to loan sharks atleast twice a week.
^ does "stuff" to sharks in the sea - WITH A NAPKIN!