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^ always dies in The Temple of Elemental Evil, but is proud of it
^ Knows it all about Shufflepuck Cafe.
^ has stolen my imaginary pizza
^ can't afford a real pizza
^ doesn't know that I already ate myself full on real pizza
^ changes periodically the avatar, coinciding with the lunar months
^ loves to tell girls that he goes where he please, and he please where he go
^ wears his heart on a chain, so hugs frighten him
^ puked at his Christmas family dinner because of oysters.
^ has secretly filmed a santa sex-tape
^released it via TMZ.
^ is afraid of the dark
high rated
^ Currently trying to sign one of the elves, known as Pinnochio, who instantly gains 3 inches everytime he tells a lie during sex.

Edit, Ninja'd!

^ Secretly lives as a vampire, who never fears the dark.
Post edited December 30, 2012 by Dischord
^Is a sparkly vampire named Edward.
^ always carries a silver stake... just in-case.