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^ used to ride in the rodeo, but couldn't Klingon !!! (thank you thank you, I'm here all week !!!)
Post edited November 26, 2012 by Ian
^ likes pink donuts.
^ is actually dark-haired, but loves to dye himself blond

Ian: ^ used to ride in the rodeo, but couldn't Klingon !!! (thank you thank you, I'm here all week !!!)
^ despite his bleak appearance, is actually a consummate comedian ;)
Post edited November 27, 2012 by Thespian*
^ haz bannisheth me to the netherworlds, But his spell finally wore off
^ is plotting revenge against Thespian*
^Is actually a clone of Pele engineered by the Brazilian government to be the greatest soccer player in the world.
^ never visited a pub
^ was a viking pub in a previous life
^ was a beautiful valkyrie in a previous life

(Glad to see you again in this thread, te_lanus) :)
^ tried to assassinate JFK but shot Lincoln instead, as his aim is horrible
^ Went on hiatus for cosmetic plastic surgery, after suffering suvere PEES "pointy ear envy syndrome"

(welcome back)
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^ Has a skull for a face and uses it to scare children at Halloween
^ when has to go to the dentist, doesn't reserve only one hour, but the full day, for obvious reasons
^ Breathes a sweet sigh of relief whenever a "fact" about him has nothing to do with Vulcans, Spain, the The-at-er, or illogicality.
Post edited November 28, 2012 by desnoscross
^ has a terrible fear of airborne infections and therefore wears his mask at all times