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^ is the leader of G.O.G.A.G.
^ Is the next victim of G.O.G.A.G, for deconspiring our leader.
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^ is a prominent and respected member of G.O.G.A.G.
^ is a G.O.G.A.G member temporarily put on a ban, for killing his targets so softly and so slowly. He killed his targets softly with his songs, inspired by earthling singers.
^ is kills his victims crushing them under the hooves of his horse. No need to say, that attracted too much attention when it happens in the center of a city!
^ Has been mentally and physically scarred from a farming accident on the Romulan Planet Khitomer; when as a child his head was stuck in a cotton gin. This of course produced the Vulcan like appearance of the ears and the incessant ridicule of the other Romulan children.
^ he underwent voluntarily to repeated plastic surgery operations in order to become an exact double of his idol. Unfortunately, none of the surgeons who operated on him was really a doctor, and the result was not exactly the desired...
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^ Once underwent surgery to make his ears square, hating the result with such a passion, he hand carved them back to their original shape.
^ those are his actual eyes
^Dreaming to be an optometrist. But failed the laser eyes test (yes, the Secret Optometrist Society (SOS) members are all able to shoot laser from their eyes).
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^ Does not, in fact, have a moustache.
^ Will not play mondo mini shows for you, so please stop asking.
^ is a superhero among his fellow insects, and has thrice defeated the Evil Entomologist's ruthless plots
^ was once trying to get the asterisk in his username positioned next to his two star rep.
^ has achieved success by moving the asterisk his username previously bore to the position it now occupies and disguising it as a star