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^ doesn't know the difference between Jpop and Kpop
^ Is really only an alien underlord, but is taller than the overlord so the names were switched.
^ is studying Gaming at Hogwards
^ rejected 27 times at Hogwards
has a broken sword lol
^ lost all his money in the dice mini-game.
^ The brother of Johnny Mnemonic
^ Once fought two zombie robot dinosaurs while cooking bacon on a space station about to enter a black hole.
^ has pawned his soul, and spend the money on Steam's Summer Promo
^aspires to be among the elite of hackers (congrats, mate!)
thespian9099: ^aspires to be among the elite of hackers (congrats, mate!)
^ Can not decide if he is a Lawful Good Half-Elf Priest or Chaotic Evil Half Demon Fire Lord
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^wears a hood to hide his premature baldness
^ is a pointy-eared smartass.
^ is going to gift me a Weapon of mass distruction
^Cannot speak gibberish