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^ Ran over a homeless person two years ago and thought no one saw it.
^ Had a serious avatar fight with cogadh (it's obvious who won)
^Cracks jokes like its unreal, dude!
^ Tis a fine Danish
^Is the leader of an incompetent cult
^Were to be sacrificed.
^ Likes PSX games
Al1: ^Is the leader of an incompetent cult

LoL, don't take things to seriously,mate xD
^ Is Germ-man, super-villain?
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^Speaks in soft, soothing tones.
^Walks without rhythm.
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^ feels pretty, oh so pretty.
^Gives away games for pointless reasons, also, the person who lives the furthest away from me
^Walks upside down
^Is an uptown girl ♪
^Doesn't attract the worm