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For anyone who remember Blupi (called Eggbert in America)...


Many more games are now free, though as ISO files:


Blupi at home v2.0 (1999)
Fun with Blupi v1.0 (2000)
Blupimania v1.3 (1994)
Blupimania 2 v1.3 (2003)
Buzzing Cars v1.3 (2002)
CeeBot-3 v1.3 (2003)
CeeBot-4 v2.0 (2004)
CeeBot-A v1.17 (2002)
CeeBot-Teen v1.17 (2003)
CoLoBoT v1.18 (2001)
Planet Blupi v1.7, 1.8 (1997)
Speedy Blupi v1.0 (1998)
Speedy Blupi 2 v2.2 (2001)

Also, Blupi has a Twitter - https://twitter.com/BlupiGames
And so does the CEO of Epsitec (the company that made Blupi back in the '90s) - https://twitter.com/epsitec
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Yum yum! This game was pretty !!FUN!! as a kid.
Thanks for the great news. That was an epic game to play. I really loved it. Trying to defeat those evil robots :)
I dont know why but this intrigues me...
Cool. Thanks for the heads-up. I've bookmarked the site for later.
Good news certainly, but isn't that page awful static?
KasperHviid: Good news certainly, but isn't that page awful static?
Too boring? (And bump :p)
Loved this game so much, thanks for the news.
KasperHviid: Good news certainly, but isn't that page awful static?
tfishell: Too boring? (And bump :p)
Ah! Now I feel pretty stupid -- I didn't realize that I had to scroll down the page to see the actual content!
Whoa, that's big! I remember checking their site regularly and they were still selling it at absurd price, like 50CHF. One of the most meaningful games of my childhood :)
Bookmarked. I think I haven't heard of it before but it looks nice.
Bumping because of this:

Great news! Thank you
Planet blupi open source game site lags too much,but anyway win xp isn't supported for planet blupi open source version?
Or i didn't download the right installer?

And i did also download colobot.