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Obsidian has started a new Kicstarter for a card game called Pillars of Eternity: Lords of the Eastern Reach Card Game. According to this video explaining the rules, it seems to be a mix of Magic the Gathering and Dominion with some of its own ideas thrown into the mix. In other words, it looks really damn good, and I would most definitely not mind playing a game from the world Obsidian has constructed. I'm not pledging tho, since the card game seems to have already gathered more than enough money - might purchase it later down the line tho.
Looks cool, and I love Obsidian.
*Sees international shipping cost*
Hah hah hah... no.
BlackMageJ: *Sees international shipping cost*
Hah hah hah... no.
Yah, and then there's that. It doesn't really matter at this point tho, the project is funded and I presume Obsidian wants to sell the game worldwide, even talks about localizations - so it'll end up in a local-ish stop sooner or later
LOL that shipping cost F that, I will just wait for it to hit store shelfs at my local board game shop...