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With the coming release of Pathfinder: Kingmaker fast approaching, developer Owlcat Games has been kind enough to open an invitation to GOG users to ask any burning questions they may have. If you’ve ever wondered anything about the celebrated pen & paper RPG transitioning from tabletop to the video game realm, now’s the time to ask!

Where do female Dwarfs come from? What makes a good bard? How evil can you be? It’s all a matter of asking!

Submit your questions in the official forum thread linked below and we’ll forward them to Owlcat games. Of course, we cannot promise we’ll get all your questions answered, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

The answers will be published at a later date on the GOG site and forums.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker releases September 25th, you can pre-order the Explorer Edition for the base game, or grab Imperial, Royal or Noble Edition for the juicy bonus goodies.
It looks like a Real Time with Pause (RTWP) game.

What were some of the lessons you took from other RTWP games when developing this one? Was there anything you were trying to replicate or avoid?
Which subclass would you pick (therefore which class) if you are first playing this game (Not tabletop, though). Imagine you can play the game with feeling of novelity.
How far can I go within the game with a smart mouth and no interest in fighting?
simpy question: do yoy think release a italian localization ?
How hiring mercenaries will work? Can i customize their portraits or class?
Since Golarion has them, will there be any Cthulhu Mythos creatures in the game?
Will backers receive keys for the GOG edition of the game matching (or most closely matching) their pledge tier? Will backer keys be issued before the release date?

Can we create a full party of adventurers without being punished with lower-level characters (compared to NPC companions) or expensive gold costs (that reduce our ability to buy items and invest in our strongholds)?

Will our strongholds be self-sufficient (perhaps with some investment), or will they be money sinks that constantly drain player resources (as in some Obsidian games)?

Will dark/grim/mercenary/evil characters be feasible, or will they be punished with higher prices, loss of quest rewards, or poor endings (as in some Infinity Engine games)?

Has the game been designed to be easily moddable?
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Is the digital OST / soundtrack available for download in FLAC format (or another lossless format)?
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What gods can you be a cleric of?
can you play a hobgoblin pc?
Was there anything that anyone in the dev team was familiar with and enjoyed in the pen and paper game that you weren't able to include in the digital realm?

..and while probably way too early to know (but I want to anyway), any plans for more games or giving this one a long tail with stand alone expansions / campaings etc?
Which pathfinding algorithms does this game use?
Will add Japanese translation?
Will we be able to acquire the pre-order bonuses at a later point separately (free or paid)?
Will there be any paid DLCs after the season pass? Does buying the Imperial Edition mean that we will have access to all future content?
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How did you approaching balancing combat and storytelling / roleplaying? Many RPGs lean heavily into the realm of action games these days, while roleplaying aspects are less prominent.

And to second the question about the soundtrack, will you release it on Bandcamp?
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