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We're barely even winded.

Today yet another awesome publisher, Paradox Interactive, becomes part of the most gamer-friendly DRM-free catalog around. We're kicking off the partnership with a weeklong 50% discount on four of the titles:

Europa Universalis
Hearts of Iron
Crusader Kings Complete -50%
Majesty Gold HD -50%
Majesty 2 Collection -50%
Victoria Complete -50%

If you've always wanted to give the genre a try, Europa Universalis is probably the best starting point, but we know grand strategy can be daunting. That's why you can also drop by our <span class="bold"></span> channel, where we'll be streaming the game live with Quill18, this Tuesday, February 17th, 7pm GMT / 2pm EST / 11am PST.
It's a fine way to get acquainted.

If you're a fan of complex strategy playgrounds, you can look forward to a trickle of more grand strategy classics from paragons of the genre, Paradox Interactive, coming to the coolest DRM-free game store near you!
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Wow... that's all I have to say about that. /forrest
Great! Paradox is one of the publishers I wanted the most to appear here at GOG.
Holy crap on a crutch, they did it! Oo

There were rumours, but still quite a nice surprise, especially after the "selling outside of steam is too complicated, so we're pulling out of the other stores" speech a few years ago.

Very cool to see them here

tinyE: Looks like a lot of maps and numbers. :P
Yep, that's Paradox for you (well, their best games are like this, anyway) :P
Matruchus: My favorite games finally here :)
opeter2: What is the name of the game? :)
Sorry misspelled there. My favorite games are here I meant. CK 1+ EU1, HoI 1. Waiting for HoI 2 Complete and EU 2 and others. Basically old paradox games are my favorites.
tinyE: IS Majesty a real RTS or a strategy game dressed up as one in order to get stupid people like me to play it?
RyaReisender: An RTS is not a strategy game?
Good point. XD
Allow me to elaborate. When I think RTS I think AoE or Starcraft. When I think strategy I think Hearts of Iron or anything Sid Meyer. See the difference?
Treasure: OMG! All these games look so interesting! I don't know which one to take, and which one to leave-especially given the fact I'm a huge history buff! Congrats indeed GOG! :D
JudasIscariot: I recommend Crusader Kings Complete :P
Thanks for the recommendation Judas! I'll be definitely getting this one then! However, I mentioned I didn't know what to take and what to leave because all strategy games just released interest me-I like not only Medieval History, but also(in order of preference) Early Modern European History, 19th century history and wwii history, which means I'd love to get all the historical strategy games (majesty is fantasy-themed, and thus not as interesting to instabuy)-but doing so would cost a lot! Anyways, I'll give them some consideration and buy at most 2 games out of the pack. Thanks again for the recommendation!
Another welcome addition! Only problem is those kind of games take forever to finish!
My wallet can´t take much more of this, give me some time to recover Gog!
Nirth: This is great. Hopefully Crusader Kings 2 can arrive as well.
As far as I remember the main game was still drm-free, but not the expansions (something like that). With the masses of DLCs it makes also no sense to bring it here as long as there are new DLCs in the pipe. But I really hope someday we will see the complete edition here.
Crusader Kings is so tempting... but are there titles I should get instead?
And just a week after I buy Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis at a thrift store.

I'd recommend everyone take a look at the official box art for EU. It has a major typo on it.
Oh my F*CKING God :)

These are the games I've been dying to see on GOG. I own all of them on Gamersgate but they're a pain in the ASS as, with their wonky download service, you can't move them around in different folders too easily or they become unplayable.

I am SO happy about this you have no idea :)

Ecstatic in fact.
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looks like GOG is on a roll :)
Oh and recommendations -- well, ALL of them.

But if not, definitely Victoria, Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings.

Incredibly in-depth games and hard to learn, but SOOOOO rewarding when you do.
high rated
Right, sorry about that - we had a collective brainfart.
Those two games simply aren't available on Steam, and you know what they say about people who assume...

edit: They make an ass of u and me. (It works better when you say it.)
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