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Where are all the votes? This game looks so amazing vote for it here:

And for those of you still skeptical about the game (or haven't heard of it):



Please vote to get this here.
I voted for it!
RoloTony: I voted for it!
Looks great, thanks for the heads up!
Voted :)
Game looks promising, saw the Co-optional Podcast last night with them mentioning the game and i know i want to play. First feel i had was it has similar graphical fidelity to Giana Sisters, but that's just from the 10 second clip i saw, i don't need to know more, i want to get it when it comes here...

Okay maybe not the moment it comes here, but definitely at some point.
Never heard of this before, but it looks good. Reminds of Trine a little.... Voted .
I like it. Wonder why it's not here.
ShadowWulfe: I like it. Wonder why it's not here.
Microsoft are the ones publishing it.
Harshax: I like it. Wonder why it's not here.
God dammit. Typical.
Harshax: Microsoft are the ones publishing it.
Fun... just like their halo games, they will push you to use either windows 10 store, or it has to be on the XBone which i have no interest in getting or using.

Hmmm... Although if it's on steam, i don't see why it would make a difference to them if it's on GoG too... And if it's an indie studio, the studio could give Microsoft exclusive publishing rights for a year, and then expand and say to other sites 'right, here you go!'...

Or Microsoft could be like some physical book publishers and refuse to relinquish it from their clutches because they technically could still publish it physically even if it is out of print/production.
one more vote from my part
The game has gotten stellar reviews across the board, I have voted as well but not very optimistic since its published by Microsoft Studios.
Looks awesome
Voted! It's just gorgeous! This is the type of aesthetics that make games look just as good twenty years from now as they do today.
Good to see it make the list of the top five hottest wishlist entries on GOG!
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