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Congratulations on your anniversary! There is a pretty huge list of games being GA, how cool is that!? Hahaha.

First of all, I register in GOG several time ago because it call my attention, but the site did not convince me at first so I ignore it long time since I start using the forums, that was close to november 2014. I remember the date because I was (am) going through a difficult moment those days and was seeking for some kind of distraction, but one of the main reasons that brought me here was that I was having lot of memories from my childhood and I find a way to sedate my self playing those old games I use to play back then. I don't want to give more details since I already talk about that here in the forums; hope you can understand.

Seeking for distraction, the first game I get here was Commandos Ammo Pack, provided by Herbert3000, so I will say he is the one I should thanks for it; an amazing community as I explain the first GA I created here. And yes, you may see several Commandos GA created by me because I really like that game.

There is other game I was willing to play several time ago, Another World, but when it was on InsomniaSale I was not able to make the purchase for my self due a glitch on the site, so several GOG members tend me a hand, so thanks again to Tannath, mistermumbles and specially MaGo72, who provided me with a copy of Another World here in GOG.

Does anyone want more prof about how cool, polite and kind is the people here in GOG? Hahahaha.

Finally, I want to be in only for one game that I know I will play over and over because I really like it so much, the horror games in general, that game is:


So, that's it. Best wishes for you and long life here in the forums! Hahahaha. Ah, I almost forgot, thanks for the bump!

PD: I remember to saw you last week making a thanks comment in one GA I created in the SteamGifts website. I don't remember the game, but if it was Silent Hill Homecoming stay tunned in the SG's GOG Group as I want to make some exclusive GA there.
Going to bed bump

More games have been added since the start, so feel free to change your entries!
Not in, but congrats for your 1 year anniversary here. Your presence is always a great moment. Don't leave us !
I can't thank someone in particular because the GOG forum is full of great people. So no jealous ; )
I know some people are surprised that it is only been a little less then a year since you have been here but I was always aware of this and that is why so amazed by the huge impact you have had on this forum. My hearty congratulations to you trentonlf on your impending GOGiversary and many, many thanks for everything that you do for this community and I am not referring to the giftomaniac trait. I also remember when you took a short hiatus from the forum and we all sorely missed your warm presence here because it is just really reassuring to know that you're part of this community, so please don't ever do that again.

There are so many good folks that keep me coming back to the forum and this is still the only community that I actively like to be a part of. I am not going to mention particular names again as I have previously done so here in much detail, which is by no means a complete list ofcourse. As for this celebratory giveaway, in typical fashion it is filled with an incredible selection of games further enhanced by the generous contributions of Oathe, dedoporno, HypersomniacLive and Grargar, a +1 to you all. As much as I am tempted by a few of the games not in this time but still very much appreciate your generosity as always trentonlf so a big +rep to you. :)

PS: I am still waiting for you to mention "The Last Airbender" in this thread. ;)
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trentonlf: 3. Who would you like to thank for making the GOG forum a place worth coming too? Why? (No answer no game)
Sounds silly, but... tinyE oO It's impossible for me to visit the GOG forums without seeing a tinyE post that makes me smile :D
trentonlf: 4. Do you have a story about what brought you to GOG in lieu of thanking someone, please tell it.
What brought me to GOG? Good Old Games, of course! Master of Orion II and Fallout series brought me to GOG. No story, just games :P
trentonlf: 5. List the top four games you are interested in, maybe you'll get lucky and win them all.
Nope :P
trentonlf: 7. Remember to treat others as you want to be treated.
I'm not so sure if this is allowed here, so... I guess I'll just overlook this point ;)
Thank you for the giveaway trentonlf and congratulations on your anniversary! Somehow I always thought that you were an old time GOG user; I rarely look at the dates of registration.

Well, there are lots of people that make GOG forum a special place. I want to thank for example IAmSinistar for great conversation, giveaways & Insomnia threads. Another user I want to thank is tfishell for his never-ending search for game rights & his campaign to bring Humongous Entertainment's games to GOG...

I'm in for:

1) Mark of the Ninja: Special Edition
2) vangers
3) Tetrobot and co.
4) The Labyrinth of Time
1. ok
2. ok
3. I'd like to thank GOG for giving us these clean, uncensored forums. Without them none of us will probably socialize in here. Sure, there are a lot of things to build and improve on but I'm sure they'll do it eventually.
4. searched drm-free games on google, gog shined
5. Shadowrun Returns
6. ok
7. ok

Thanks for your generousity and good luck to all entrants!
Well... I'm finally getting to this (better late than never?)

I'd like to start by saying that I won't be mentioning anything having to do with give aways or those that contribute them, although they are always appreciated! While the give aways are great, i don't believe that's what makes this forum so good.

I'm really glad to have met some of the folks on here, probably those that I spend the most time interacting with are Trentonlf, Tarnicus, Foxworks, and Marianne. ...These folks have really put a crimp into my gaming hours on many occasions, while I chat away hours!

There are others of course that i think make this place a great resource and nice forum, I'll specifically name both Grargar and Madth3, whom are always on top of the gaming deals thread. So much so, that I really am excited if I find something that got past them or manage to post something first! (It doesn't happen often, trust me.)
Oh i forgot to add in Spinorial, I really like how he phrases his comments, and we often share the same thoughts... he just is a little (OK maybe a lot) less caustic than I am. (Where the hell has he been lately BTW?)

There are others I wish I knew better, and only a very few "bad" ones. Fortunately, us members ourselves do a pretty decent job of policing the place :)
Hope we all stick around for years to come! I know I fade in and out sometimes, but even when I don't participate in any discussions, I'm still usually popping on at least for a few mins a couple times a week, just to see what's going on.

Although I'm certainly interested in Wasteland 2, I'm inclined to pass this go.
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I hope it's ok to edit my post and change myself to In, because my rep miraculously jumped up past the minimum required. I didn't want to ask for special treatment, which is why I originally said I was not in, but wanted to thank a couple of people anyway. :-)

The games that are top of my list are:

Majesty Gold

Here follows the rest of my post, as it originally appeared...

+1 for a(nother) generous giveaway from you, Trentonlf. I have only been on the forums for a very short time, but even in that time I have come to know about and marvel at your generosity to members. You surely do have a very big heart.

Not in - still slowly climbing the rep ladder, insofar as I understand how it works, but I'd very much like to thank IAmSinistar for his kindness to a newbie and for gifting me a game I really wanted. Also for running the Double Insomnia thread so well, it was that thread that got me into the forums in the first place (and no, it wasn't for the gifts.)

and CarrionCrow for being such a good threadfather of the Conversational chat thread, looking after those who post there, and responding in a kind and friendly way to virtually every post. I've been involved in running forums myself, although not on GOG, and I know that what he does is practically a full-time job, and often unappreciated - so I wanted to be sure that his efforts did not go unnoticed. :-D

I'm pretty much a hermit and a solitary gamer, so I haven't interacted much on the forums, but that doesn't mean I don't read and enjoy them, and I thank everyone who has offered knowledge, comfort and humour on a daily basis.

Good luck!

Editing to add a little more. :-)
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Hugs trent :)

congrats and we hope you stay for many more years till the day GOG dies... I hope it does not lol

I have a pretty cool story on how I found GOG back A good few years back. So I worked at EB Games in my city and thought hey games cool no? well working for almost 4 years killed my interest in games pretty much 100% and I did not want to touch anything game related, And I had a friend who plays old games like really REALLY old games and told me hey you still play pc games? I was like naw man cant stand any of the shit that comes out now...

And he said GOG! I was like what the Fuck is that? and he shown me on his computer and I saw games I used to play when I was 10 on here and I shat my pants like almost did... and went back home to see this site and well lets just say GOG brought me back into gaming and BROKE MY BANK ACCOUNT >:( Thanks GOG <3

for who I would like to thank for making the forums a great home for many of us to enjoy talking and sharing information about the stuff we love would go out to I have to say every single member really, Just think this without trent, momo, Sachys, IAmSinistar and A whole lot of others we very well know this forums would be pretty much the same as everything else on the web. I call this place my second home next to real home :)

but yeah small story but that is as simple as I can put it and now I am back into gaming stronger than ever and happy as @!#$ to be with this great community of people who cherish the old games I played when I was small ^_^

In for

- Earth worm Jim 1&2
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high rated
Seems interest is dying off. Will see how it goes the next couple of days.
Give it time trent, If you post it they will come lol :)
Not in, but felt like responding:

Q:. Who would you like to thank for making the GOG forum a place worth coming too? Why? (No answer no game)
A: People who have helped me remove huds from games. drennan comes to mind.

Q: Do you have a story about what brought you to GOG in lieu of thanking someone, please tell it.
A: Massive headaches with DRM made me take a break from games for years. Wanted to play games again so started searching and found GOG 2+ years ago.
trentonlf: Seems interest is dying off. Will see how it goes the next couple of days.
Everyone is saving up for a last minute frenzy of activity, like Xmas shopping.