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I want to run a giveaway for an old game bundle as a DRM-free alternative to the current Steam-only Retroism Bundle on Groupees. :)

All games are on 1 GOG code. RWYW.
(Redeem what you want: see below)

-Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack
-Colonization, Sid Meier's
-Pirates! Gold Plus
-Sid Meier's Covert Action
-Silent Service 1+2

-rep 75+ or post a link to a giveaway you have run here
-searchable forum activity beyond giveaways
-winner must redeem at least one game*
-tell me your favorite pre-2000 game and why it is your favorite - feel free to keep this brief & simple, or not

*Since some people will likely own at least one, or most, of these games, feel free to do what you like with the code as long as you redeem one game from it. Trade, give away, pass around to your friends, whatever.

This will end when the Retroism Bundle on Groupees ends.
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Just wanted to say thanks for the great giveaway!!

As for me my favorite pre 2000 game is the original Civilization game. Spent numerous hours playing it. That would be an awesome game for GoG to get :)

Going to try Alpha Centauri another try as I'm suppose to love that kind of game.
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I'm in.

My game is Heroes of Might and Magic III. The first time I played the game I loved it. I played hot-seat in a friend's house with him and my brother. We only play a single scenario but the game fascinated us (both my brother and me). Later I lost contact with my friend but my brother and I always remember that game being awesome. But we couldn't remember it's name! Some years later I was at my girlfriend's house (now ex) and I saw that game on her screen. It wasn't the same I played (it was actually H4) but I knew it was the same franchise. I was so terribly happy. Now I'm a very big fan of the series and my brother as well.

This the giveaway of my own, which is still on for a few hours, so you can still enter:
Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, I'm in for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri Planetary Pack.
My games are the Monkey Islands spirits of the past (the originals that is) and I adore Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis :)
What an awesome giveaway, budejovice! I'm in (mainly for Colonization), especially since I'm still smarting about that Groupees crap :P

It's really hard to say what my favorite pre-2000 game is, since I basically only play pre-2000 games. In terms of sheer number of hours poured in over the years, I'd have to say SimCity 2000. Such an addictive city builder, and once I got into editing the terrain too, time really disappeared :)
Brilliant giveaway! I'm in. :)
(link to one of my giveaways)

I was also very disappointed to find out the Retroism Bundle was steam-only but what else can we expect, right?...

My favorite pre-2000 game is Theme Hospital. I love it for its humor and challenging gameplay. I still go back to it very often and it never ceases to entertain me. It also introduced me to a whole new game genre (managerial/building) which I never imagined I would enjoy.
not in +1 for generosity

Nothing better than Betrayal at Krondor..
I don't think anyone mentioned Planescape: Torment yet, and it was released on December 1999, so it's definitely pre-2000!

Note in, BTW.
ET3D: I don't think anyone mentioned Planescape: Torment yet, and it was released on December 1999, so it's definitely pre-2000!

Note in, BTW.
I was thinking Civilization II, but since Torment is pre-2000 I have to second that!

Also, not in.
I'm in, because SMAC most definitely deserves a priority spot in my hugemungous backlog T_T.

I find it insufferable to try and compile lists of my "most favouritest things", not to mention deciding on an absolute favourite, but for pre-2000 games I think I'd go for Final Fantasy VII. Not so much for its own value (I think I've pretty much grown out of the rather-on-the-linear-side-JRPG genre), but because of the impact it made on me at the time (it was my first FF). Breaks my heart to see the mockery that Squeenix has consistently been making out of the FF legacy, and as much as I'm concerned, the FF saga ended with FFX (with FFXI being a rather interesting spin-off-y thing that I'd even be tempted to give a second try if they weren't still charging €15 a month for a decade-old MMORPG, right in the era of free-to-play). Oh, and Hironobu Sakaguchi is God, and Nobuo Uematsu is His prophet. Man, I sure ended up wordier than I expected.
NOT IN but a +1 for your great giveaway. :-)
Great collection of games. Thanks for holding this giveaway. Not in but just leaving my thanks!
Not in but these eyes have never seen such a beautiful collection....of games that is.
Not in &+1! thank you! :D