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InkPanther: I have never used Lutris before but it looks like... well... one client for linux gaming to rule them all. And all I want is a relatively easy to understand tool to manage some Wine games and prefixes. Does Lutris offer anything other than install scripts?
Kayx291: I haven't used Lutris much, it does a good job managing your games wenether it's native, wine or an emulator.

In that case i suggest checking out Q4Wine. Compared to POL, Q4Wine is relatively easy to use and has a built-in Winetricks (Requires installing/updating 1st. Not necessary for each prefix) and AppDB. Also if you don't feel like running Winecfg, you can set up the library for the specific executable.
Q4Wine is very confusing for a simple POL user like me. I've managed to install it, create a new prefix, install and run a game that doesn't require any tinkering, but I got lost so many times during this process... And it doesn't seem to download Wine for you. I'm not convinced so far... ;)
If you are curious about this still I am getting and Winsock IPX bind fail notification when I start quake. Images can be found on the last post of the first page and the 1st post of the last page. I tried writing some instructions to help people out... but I still got the errors.

Here is a copy of the instructions.

Now I am following the instructions I have thus far set forth:

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------
Instructions for installing AMD GPU drivers.

1) I download the driver file from

Go down to the part where it says Ubuntu file. At the time of this writing it looked like “AMDGPU-Pro Driver Version 17.40 for Ubuntu 16.04.3”

I download the file directly to the temporary folder I made on my desktop. But you can also copy and paste the downloaded file to a temporary folder. I called my folder “AMD driver” or something like that.


3) Right click on the downloaded file and select “extract here” (once it is in its own folder)

4) Right click on home screen and open terminal window. Paste “dpkg -l amdgpu-pro” into the terminal. This tells me if any AMD drivers are installed. None were. Great!

5) Right click ON THE WINDOW OF THE FOLDER THAT CONTAINS THE DOWNLOADED AND EXTRACTED DRIVER!!! and then left click open terminal in the menu that shows.

6) In my case I inserted “cd amdgpu-pro-17.40-492261” into the command terminal. In your case you will replace the “17.40-492261” with whatever number is on the file name.

7) Then put “./amdgpu-pro-install –y” into the command terminal and hit enter. Then hit enter and typed in my password (the password will not show when you type it in!). Be patient. Don’t do anything until you see your user name ( it will be in color) again.

8) Then type in “sudo reboot”. You can be offline for this part.

9) After restarting and logging in, right click on the home screen and type “groups”. It will show some data

10) Then type “sudo usermod -a -G video $LOGNAME”. Type in your password again when prompted. (it will not show as you type it!). It will seem as though nothing happened. I think this is normal. Now log out and log in again.

11) And I think that is it!

These instructions are a modified version of the instructions found here and are to be used for Ubuntu and AMD drivers.

Now to instal WINE. Instructions on how. Stay online while doing this.

1) Right click on the home screen and select open terminal window.

2) Type “sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386” into the terminal window. Type in your password when asked for it and hit enter. It will seem like nothing happened.

3) Then type in “wget -nc” and hit enter.

4) Then type in “sudo apt-key add Release.key” and hit enter. It will say OK.

5) Then type in “sudo apt-add-repository” and hit enter. It will seem like it did nothing.

6) Then type in “sudo apt-get update” and hit enter. Some stuff will happen.

7) Then type in “sudo apt-get install --install-recommends winehq-stable” and hit enter. You want the stable version if you are reading this. Select Yes. And a bunch of stuff will happen. Be patient and don’t do anything until your username appears again in color. Close the terminal window.

Now to install Quake from

1) Download Quake from after you buy it.
2) Put it in a folder and name the folder “Quake”

3) Right click on the file and hover the cursor over “open with”.

4) Then click on “Wine Windows Program Loader”.

5) Install the Gecko and Mono stuff when promted. Just click “Install”

7) When I figure out how to get all the error to stop I will finish writing this.
I found this "This is an unsual error. You can work around it by running the game with the -noipx parameter (simply add it to the launch properties), but you should probably also check your OS network options for related settings or protocols and disable them if possible."


But how do you "add it to the launch properties"? And what exactly does that do?
I'd strongly recommend starting out using PlayOnLinux rather than trying to use Wine directly. I wrote a guide for it, which you can find here:

flatiron: <AMDGPU-PRO driver>
For AMD graphics cards it's better to use the open source drivers; they're included by default and are much easier to update, and they offer superior performance. You'll need to update your kernel and Mesa, but those should be easy enough to do.

I'd suggest looking at my beginner's guide (which can be found at the same link as above); it's for Linux Mint but much of the info still applies (Linux Mint is effectively Ubuntu, but with a different UI & various improvements).