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Kickstarter, you have taken too much of my money this month. ;__;
lowyhong: See? I told you guys TET would be all over this.

Between that, the Conquistadors game, and Numenara, my wife is probably wondering where all the money went from my account this month. :P
JMich: Can't you use the excuse we all use, "Steam games I just have to have"?
lowyhong: Fixed to a more plausible explanation.
Well, i *did* preorder XCOM on Steam, but that was a gift for someone else. :P
In the future, I believe I should require our business development team conduct all negotiations through Twitter via images. :P
Vitek: Increased my pledge to 35$ to show my GOG appreciation. I still wonder why they offer GOG code only for 25$ and higher backers and not 20$. Can't it be just because it was already full so they offered to people only those available tiers and that 20$ will get code too?
Damuna: I think that was it. I'd grabbed a $20 pledge that became available before, but basically all of them are accounted for unless someone cancels/switches pledge. I think the statement was directed towards people who hadn't backed the project already or hadn't pledged an amount which got them a copy of the game, since it's intended to get support from people who wanted a DRM-free option. I'm pretty sure the early $20 pledgers will get the game on GOG (if they want it), though obviously I can't be certain.

tajemniczybeton: Little suggestion: Maybe create article on gog front page about it?
Damuna: This, definitely. It's already been posted on Twitter and Facebook, but a lot of GOG users have said they don't use these services.
We will be. First thing tomorrow morning.
Just so you know, it's now confirmed - Pillars of Eternity is due to release at 4pm GMT / 12pm EDT / 9am PDT :)