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Just to present a few of my observations regarding the Scary Family Collection. I have noted that a few others have also mentioned it.

The Scary Family Pack Containing --
i. Mafia,
ii. Mafia II: Director's Cut, and
iii. Mafia III
costs $15

But as Mafia III included in the pack apparently is only the base version of the game purchasing all the DLCs would cost another $22.46 ($7.49 + $7.49 + $4.99 + $2.49)
Hence the total cost would be $37.46

However, purchasing
i. Mafia
ii. Mafia II: Director's Cut, and
iii. Mafia III Deluxe Edition (which contains all the DLCs for the game)
individually would cost $32.97 ($9.99 + $7.99 + $14.99) total

So, can anyone explain the logic behind it? Or am I missing something here?

I was initially interested by the pack, till I noted this situation with DLCs and pricing.
I would have preferred to have purchased a pack with the Deluxe version of the third game at a little higher price point.

Also those who want the full experience with the game including DLCs, might want to take a note of the situation.
The point is to catch would be customers who think buy three, pay for four is a good deal as it says right there DEAL in large, bold letters so it must be good. Not GOG's fault if you cannot do math and research.

Today I again saw, while shopping for groceries, how the medium size package was the cheapest by the pound. My point here is that in all shops one should be alert and do the research.
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What disturbs me most is how the thumbnail for the collection proudly reads
when obviously the pack is not complete by any means.

I expected better from GOG.
In Brazil, Mafia alone costs 40 BRL ($10 ish), this pack is currently @ 49 BRL ($12 ish).

I mean, who really needs to make sense of things?
Post edited November 26, 2019 by JackknifeJohnson
Those are Mafia games after all, so the extra charge is vigorish, obviously. You no pay, Paulie bag-o-donuts breaks your legs.