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bler144: More of a hedge row, really.
There's an actual wall on its way, just got sidetracked a bit.
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An unbearably horrendous sound is heard - otherwordly and terrifying....

TheGOGfather: ...
Everyone simply ignores it and goes about their business as if it never happened. They must have imagined it.
cristigale: snip
bler144: Vote cristi

So a few things here. As noted prior, cristi does have a tell, and it's basically floating in at the end of each day with consensus-y, largely-repeaty info with no analysis.

Here was HSL's take on her last December (I think he has a more thorough analysis from a later game somewhere else but I can't find it):

"For the moment, I'd like to say that I also find cristigale a bit off. Besides the lurking, she's been posting the same way she did when she was mafia in CSPVG's game, and managed to fly under the radar of all of us almost until the very end.

If you go over her posts, it's mostly rehashing what has been said, put her own touch on it, then cast a vote. "

#213 is example A of precisely that, aside from the vote.

Now, she's not voting, you might say. Fair enough, but as noted, that was last December, and since then she's changed up a bit. For example, in yogsloth's game as mafia, she ended Day 1, Day 3, and Day 4 with no vote on the table at all. Town won on D5.

Amusingly, she came in and stated that she would be "voting soon" after yogs had closed Day 1.

Now, to be fair, and again with the irony, I ended D2 in that game (was a sub for Agent, and only alive D2) not voting either at town. But the crux here is the softbally, consensus stuff that rehashes info, maybe adds a new tidbit, and avoids any actual analysis.

In this game, until pushed, she did the jokey flavor thing, did the 'vote the mod' thing, and then repeated much of the speculation about werewolves adding the moon detail. I get that everybody is going to, and probably should do some of that, but she's someone town needs to analyze, and esp. 12 hours ago there was enough content on the table that some analysis was possible.

I care less that people agree with me at this point - this gambit was mostly about her demonstrating that she's capable of some analysis, so that, regardless of alignment, she doesn't just coast on the consensus/info/flavor stuff. Now you all know she can do it. So if necessary, ride her until she does. ;)

(catching up)
October 9, 1696 -

The first week and a half after Julie's death are filled with grief, fear, confusion, and a great deal of adjustment to the dwindled number of villagers left in Oakwood. None of you know exactly what to do other than try and work together as a community the best you can and figure out what the best course of action is to take.

The group of you is very used to working together and everything is well-organized and there are no logistical issues with the lot of you being around for the pertinent parts of whatever discussions are going on. You are all able to get your basic and necessary chores and work done around the village and your homes (again, as much as you can with your dwindled numbers.) You are working together and doing your best to keep the village running as best you can, and that is pretty damn good, actually. Everyone is able to eat regular meals and you all get what sleep you can in these anxious times. There really is at least some semblance of normalcy, despite it all.

You all spend a good portion of every day at The Community Home, and it has been a center of activity among you. At least one meal is prepared and cooked there for the group each day. It varies each time who works together making what, and it's a nice affirmation of your dedication to working together.

Pancakes, bacon, eggs, and breakfast potatoes (cut-up potatoes, peppers, onions, and garlic fried in a cast-iron skillet, crispy and yummy!) are a favorite and are had regularly, and in general a good deal of edibles are kept around for those that want something to eat during the long hours of discussion that tend to happen and there is never a shortage of available food.

Often when preparing your own food at your own homes, depending on what you make, you will make an excess and bring the leftovers to The Community Home to share with the rest of the remaining villagers.

All of you still have plenty of time, energy, focus, and opportunity to get together and discuss the situation at hand as much as you can. You reflect on things, talk things out, and really feel like you are all working towards figuring out what course of action to take.

There are some who think it is possible that the attack on Julie was just an isolated event and that perhaps everything is fine and safe and perhaps the exodus of the main portion of the villagers was pre-mature, and then there are some of you who think there is a serious threat at hand, just waiting for the right moment to strike.

Everyone is well-adjusted to the flow and you are currently all at The Community Home working on the situation at hand.

More than half of you, whether with much conviction or not, have conceded that the discussion that needs to be being had is whether or not to kill one of you.

7 villagers seem to think it is best not to kill anyone - they are :

Nathan (Dessimu), Emma (Ixamyakxim), Adam (agentcarr16), Craig (Bookwyrm627), Dan (Brasas), Claire (cristigale), and Sarah (TammyTown)

The rest are very split on who they seem to think might be a good idea to consider and discuss killing, and it all breaks-down like this:

Nathaniel (Nathan) Smith [Dessimu] ........... - 0 -
Sean O'Donnell (Sean-O!) [Lifthrasil] ........... - 1 - Fergus (Nachomamma8),
Laura Jennings [docbear1975] ..................... - 1 - William (QuadrAlien),
Emma Hess [Ixamyakxim] .............................. - 3 - Sean (Lifthrasil), Emily (trentonlf), Laura (docbear1975)
Adam Johnson [agentcarr16].......................... - 0 -
William (Bill) O'Brian [QuadrAlien] ................. - 0 -
Craig Adams [Bookwyrm627] ......................... - 0 -
Daniel (Dan) Evans [Brasas] .......................... - 0 -
Claire Dwyer [cristigale] ................................... - 1 - Marie (bler144)
Jason (Jay) Peterson [SirCrimsonFox] ......... - 1 - James (DragonSushi)
Eric Barton [yogsloth] ........................................ - 2 - Justin (Stanari), Jason (SirCrimsonFox)
Fergus (Fergie) Perkins [Nachomamma8] .. - 0 -
Sarah Matthews [TammyTown] ....................... - 0 -
Emily Barton [trentonlf] ...................................... - 0 -
Marie Thomson [bler144] ................................. - 0 -
James (Jim) Peterson [DragonSushi] ........... - 0 -
Justin Dawson [Stanari] ................................... - 1 - Eric (yogsloth)

if any of the villagers take issue with where their vote is, simply say so and clarify how you would like it to be, and I will adjust it accordingly (aka: I think I have it right, if not, let me know!)
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bler144: Case in point, I created a game with 11 players and 2 cops with N0 actions (1 paranoid, 1 naive) for the precise purpose of seeing if I could get the group to do something other than the normal D1 meandering malaise. The exception that proves the rule.
In all fairness, we DID have a fairly focused D1 lynch in that game.

Nachomamma8: Calling lurkers bad for the town and only the town is just rhetoric; lurkers are anti-game and hurt whatever team that they are on.
Yes and no. Around here, the active people say the suspicious things, and we lynch suspicious people. If everyone lurks, then wolves will win off NKs. Therefore, townies have to be active. I'm sure you can see where this is going.

Nachomamma8: especially if you have suspicions of something out of the ordinary going on (and you should based on the number of people who fled to Nashua).
What brings you to that conclusion?

Nachomamma8: I assumed, and you know what they say about people who make those things.
Just a small, innocent little mistake, huh?

Nachomamma8: The thing that I found interesting about the trombone post is that bler brought up something that bothered him and then yogsloth's reaction was to charlie brown it and then never talk about it ever again even when other people mentioned that it bothered them. I'm not really sure why he would do it as town, but him being scum and charlie browning the serious stage of the game away would exactly be surprising.
Are you related to a top, by any chance?

Nachomamma8: 2) Seems smarter to leave a cow outside than a person, kicking someone out of the Community Home in the hopes that they eaten by wolves is... brutal? Terrifying?
If we were hunting for regular wolves, then yeah, maybe a cow would do the trick. Remember the part about no tracks? That means we aren't dealing with regular wolves.

If you want to catch something, then put out the proper bait.

yogsloth: (or in this case, pass of as the Station Cook when you're in fact a body-snatching carnivorous alien) and all of a sudden he's "bothered" by every little thing. Every. Little. Thing.
I have absolutely no idea why that would ever be a problem ever. In case you were wondering.

bler144: Come on people, the orc shaman assistant to the demon overlord vigilante makes total sense!
I am in complete and absolute agreement with you on this. Both of them needed to be lynched.

yogsloth: I just think it will be more than pure fluff - it will affect the game somehow - I just don't know how yet.
Were I in a mood to break a cardinal GOG Mafia rule, I'd wager that you are beyond "just think". You are certain.

Brasas: You're missing my PPS for one... but really Bler don't strawman me please. You are insisting that I know or knew Drealmer has No Lynch in mind... why? What I said was a smokescreen, a half truth, a hedged bet. You know?
...because anyone that has watched more than two games that had Drealmer in them would be aware of his favorite Day 1 vote? I'm calling BS on this.

Nachomamma8: What are your thoughts on other players? I don't mind the flavor stuff and the lynching lurkers stuff even though I disagree with both (I know that there's no way I'll change your mind, so here we are), but I also know that there are game-related things that have to had stood out to you so far or you haven't been reading as closely as you should.
I see fishing. Quite a bit of fishing. You, for example, have several poles in the water. On the bright side, you do make me laugh quite a bit.

drealmer7: You must have a vote placed for the rest of the Day (voting no-lynch is okay)
A little voice in the back of my head just said "THAT is Yog's penalty?" in a tone that makes the desert look wet.
Bookwyrm627: A little voice in the back of my head just said "THAT is Yog's penalty?" in a tone that makes the desert look wet.
If he's not town it's actually amusing cover.

"I had to make this lame wolfy vote cuz I gotta vote, yo. It's a rule and shit."

cristigale: Heh
I know, right?

I'm always amused and amusing you
Sans le fear of impending doom

The vote count made me sad, though. I had forgotten your name was Claire. Now I can't shake the feeling I'm trying to lynch Molly Ringwald.
Flavor: I kill and cook things. Also bake pies, apparently.

Having repeated premonitions that bler is going to eat me alive. Content's good though.

cristigale feels disengaged. Lift feels engaged but fluffy. Though the same is probably true of most of the thread.

SirCrimsonFox: Who was talking about no lynching? First I've heard of it, son. Are you the first one to say it?

How hard will it be to extract actual content from you?

Bookwyrm627: Remember the part about no tracks? That means we aren't dealing with regular wolves.
I'm sort of wondering if the wolves are possessed. Because, like you said, no tracks.
Stanari: I'm sort of wondering if the wolves are possessed. Because, like you said, no tracks.
I took it to mean that there were no tracks where the kill happened because of the struggle, and around the kill there were only human tracks meaning that it was a werewolf that changed back to human and left no tracks. If not then whatever killed Julie stepped awfully lightly.
drealmer7: 7 villagers seem to think it is best not to kill anyone - they are :

Nathan (Dessimu), Emma (Ixamyakxim), Adam (agentcarr16), Craig (Bookwyrm627), Dan (Brasas), Claire (cristigale), and Sarah (TammyTown)
Caught up. From a flavor perspective, I see no reason to kill someone. From a game perspective, I am strongly against no-lynch D1. While flavor is typically just that, flavor, I have no idea how much credence to give it in this game. How should we approach this?

@bler - will get to your post, was waiting for a vote count for confirmation before moving my vote (or lack thereof at this point)
Stanari: Having repeated premonitions that bler is going to eat me alive.
Yay! Someone fears my mighty scum game!

That makes...let's see, carry the 4...take the square root...

Yeah, pretty much just you. ;)
Stanari: I'm sort of wondering if the wolves are possessed. Because, like you said, no tracks.
trentonlf: I took it to mean that there were no tracks where the kill happened because of the struggle, and around the kill there were only human tracks meaning that it was a werewolf that changed back to human and left no tracks. If not then whatever killed Julie stepped awfully lightly.
No signs of struggle and no tracks that I could discern.

Again, demonic wolves from hell.

repent all ye sinners
Going to start with the matter that bothers me the most, the votes on Ixam.

trentonlf: Still nothing from Ix, that's not good. First game I played here, ironically, Ix was the host and players allowed another player to stay alive who had stopped participating. I think it caused town to lose the game. Not going that route again. Hopefully he shows up soon, but at this point he's hust dead weight.
Emphasis added - this is my biggest issue with a votes on Ixam. He's not lurking, he didn't stop participating. We are not lynching a lurker, he hasn't joined the game. (trent - not saying you said that, just making a point)

Nacho and bler said it well here:

Nachomamma8: No, I don't think we should lynch the guy who hasn't posted; I think it's an easy vote for wolves and would rather let the moderator deal with lurkers (whether with kills or replacements, it's not fair that we should have to clear out those who aren't participating and skew the game in the favor of whatever team has the least amount of flakes).
bler144: And worse, if by some chance he's town PR in a game that could well have had N0 due to the delay between "Game launch impending!" and actual game launch, we're knocking off a PR who might have a tease or a claim and can't defend himself . It's not exactly ideal strategy.
(emphasis added)

And here:

Nachomamma8: 2) I hate the idea of lynching someone who straight up isn't here. If lynching lurkers is the route that we want to travel, then I think that lynching people who have said little over people who have said absolutely nothing is the way to go. People who contribute little but are still here are more likely to be people who are uncomfortable posting as wolves and are people who will not become readable as time goes on, whereas people who are NOT HERE AT ALL are simply not playing, and are likely to be taken care of by drealmer as he's a moderator and dealing with people who don't meet activity reqs is part of the job.
Unless Ixam shows up and warrants it, I will not vote for him. We learn nothing from the death a player who has never posted. It's a shot in the dark. I believe it's best to let the mod deal with it.
Brasas: (yogs' vote on Stanari)
That vote dissipated faster than a fart in high winds, but I still heard it come out, and it still stank.

The interaction between yogs and Stanari has a strange feel to it. Wouldn't surprise me if one of them is scum. Which one, not sure. Originally, Stanari's play reminded me of what I remember from the MU game. Granted, it was only one game and I didn't follow that as close as I could. I don't know what her scum game looks like. You always got to keep your eye on yogs. First thoughts...would have expected a scum yogs to play with a bit more gusto.

@yogs - none game related - bless you for your work with the baseball team and your patience with the the less than stellar players.
bler144: I do think it's interesting he is quick to establish that he was a late arrival to the scene. Town honestly sharing his PM info in RP mode? Mafia/wolf justifying his absence in case it happened to come up at a later time?

IDK. The thing that makes me skeptical about the latter is that if the flavor were to note who was on scene and who was a late arrival that would be a bit gamebreaking, wouldn't it?

Unless of course there's a twist and it wasn't wolves at all.
I have no indication that I was personally on the "scene" (where the body was discovered). I attended the gathering at Community House after the initial bell ringing. I own a large home and small farm (animals and livestock) where a large portion of the food for the village is prepared. It's not just me, several members work or volunteer in the kitchen and help around the farm. My main focus is cooking but I can help with any of the farm related type chores.

I like Fergie's idea that we all work/sleep in shifts.