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#4 - The roles + mechanics. Now that you (hopefully) understand more about what I was doing because of #2, maybe you can understand / appreciate what I did with the roles + mechanics more? Know that I have an extensive sheet detailing every mechanical interaction possible within the game. What I did was take each individual character and pair them with all the others and decided on what the interaction result would be. Many of the interaction results are the same, but they are still WAY more elaborate than you could imagine and I'd be glad to tell you what would happen if such and such happened with such and such characters if you'd like to ask.


Sarah Matthews - Wood Spirit (WS) - uber pro-utility Neutral Survivor (hidden identity role)

Lots of elaborate mechanics involved with this role. This is a very powerful role meant to be able to survive longer/more easily and provide pro-utility to both sides, if the player desired. Ohya, this was the role I started creating because I wanted to specifically make a role for krypsyn because he gets killed all of the time and can't have any fun. The idea was that the character was in a position to decide what they thought the best balance for nature was, werewolves or humans, it was up to them.

Pro-town neutral, folks! It can happen! (tammy could have easily sided with the wolves)

Spirit = Ninja
NK resistant (could only get NKed in 2 ways)
1x lynch-proof
1x NK - meant to equal a DK vig. shot
1x DK - meant to equal a SK DK
2x ward - (think BP ability that can be placed on a player by another player, the receiving player unaware)
3x observer


Claire Dwyer - Demon Worshipper (DW) - neg-utility Neutral Survivor w/ Cannibal option (hidden identity role)

First, I should have made it clearer that there was a SK wincon option. I'm not sure I did that, even though all the flavor indicated it was an option (as do the abilities.) The idea for this was that the player actions determined their fate all within the rules and balance and fairness. I think it worked wonderfully.

starts game with:

2x NKs - submit anytime during Day, a successful NK grants 1x Drain - this is how you have a SK and PGO in the same game! You just make the action resolution work. Claire seduces her targets (whether for kill or Drain) after the meetings, not goes to their homes in the night, she never would go to Marie's home to be PBO-ed. Again, tweaked mechanics, so, not all kills go through, and interactions can affect each other and whatnot, so, if you have questions about what would have happened if if if, let me know!

1x Drain - submit at Night to attempt to Drain, a successful Drain grants 1x NK. This is a roleblock with some tweaked mechanics. Drain on a handful of characters results in their vote being invalid for next Day (they would never be informed.) This would also be a seduction (how can you not be drained of all power after a night with Claire!)


Nathan Smith - Alpha Wolf (AW) -

Lots of elaborate mechanics involved with this role. First, they are the only player (until they die) that can submit the NK action (and they have to do it in their QT), this means they have ultimate say, and can either listen to their pack mates suggestions, or not. With submitting the NK action, they can choose whoever they want to send to do the kill, or they can choose themselves. If they choose themselves, being the Alpha, all of the pack mates also go with him to perform the kill (except 1, but none of the pack knows that he doesn't go along with them), this makes the kill a strongman kill (but the Alpha isn't aware of this quality, or even that pack mates would go along with, until they got it in the flavor.)

If the Alpha is tracked while performing a kill, the Skilled Hunter (SH) loses them in the Night and get a 1/2 result (flavor would be fair and pretty much tell SH 'this player went somewhere but you lost them, if you track them again and they go somewhere again, you won't lose them a 2nd time, but done very well with flavor!), if the player is inclined to track the Alpha after that, and the Alpha is again performing a kill, they are able to stay on the trail this time because of the gained experience in tracking such an expert beast, and get a successful result. This makes the Alpha semi-ninja, but again, the Alpha never knew about this quality.

With all of that, if the Alpha performs a kill (and all of the pack minus the 1 go along), and any of the pack (except the 1) are tracked, watched, whatever else action at Night, they are treated as if they are performing the kill (their flavor also indicates that they go on the kill too, of course.)

If Alpha is Lynched, he has wagon vengeance (selects target from wagon and KILLs them.)

Any questions about all of that, just ask, I will be happy to share specifics or discuss whatever issues people might see (realize that the specific mechanics are not spelled out here, so don't jump to assuming + judging how something would work, please ask questions, I think I was absolutely thorough and covered it all.)


Daniel Evans - Lone Wolf (LW) - hidden identity role

Yep, that's right, Wolves! You had another PR among you after all aside from Nathan! Elaborate mechanics related to him as well. This was a grab-bag of potential abilities called:

Night-Prowl - each Night he selected a target to see what might happen if he tried to encounter that character. He would never know what the encounter would bring until it happened, but was told that it was not a negative utility ability. In actuality, each encounter was multi-stepped (though I could not tell the player that), and depending on who they targeted would determine the next stage. The first step was simply to pick a target so I could know which option to present them with next (hence the grab bag - though don't mis-understand, each character has a pre-determined option.) For example, if the LW prowls a standard villager, he is then given the option: "do you wish to kill Craig Adams?" and then can decide "yes or no." Questions about interactions, ask! Fun stuff!
Again, invalid vote - combined with the possibility that the DW drains someone of their vote for a Day, AND that penalties (only if players are REALLY bad) could do the same, it remained even more fair and, imo, very interesting.
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drealmer7: seriously?!
Thanks for an interesting game, I was uncertain if town could actually pull it off there for awhile but we did. Congrats town! I really was just a vanilla townie, even if I did play it badly ;-)

Thank you to all the MU players, I hope to see y'all play again with us here on GOG as all of y'all are a lot of fun :-)
okay, now for the biggest controversial role probably! (though again, with the #2, I hope you "get it" better now)

Emma Hess - Village Snoop (VS) - ignorant compulsive bodyguard

In order to cut down on speculation/assumption for this, I'm going to paste the entire player's QT message here and get it in the open (some shit in the observer chat already, blah, I should have waited to talk about it until post game - ohya, editing that into mistakes.)


" #1 - Your name is Emma Hess. You are a writer, a rare thing in this era, especially for a woman. You stayed because this is your home, because you don't want to be anywhere else, and most of all because you are curious about what is going on and want to be a witness to all that happens and document it for history, if you live.

You are fascinated by the situation and intend to write about it in two different ways.

First, you are going to document the factual happenings of the next several months (again, as long as you are able to stay alive), and will even take minutes during the meetings. This way if no one is alive after it's all over, there will at least still be a (partial?) account of what happened.

You can't help but be extremely curious about what killed Julie Ives and you want to know all the details involved, no matter how gruesome. You feel her loss and cared for her very much, but the curiosity of it all overwhelms all other senses and emotions most of the time. What happened?! You must know! You will do anything you can to find out anything about what is going on, even if that means putting your life in danger.

Second, you are going to write a bunch of fictional fantastical events that using the events on of the next several months as a basis (again, if you stay alive.) The moment you heard about Julie Ives being massacred into almost nothingness, your imagination took hold and has been running wild ever since. You've had a dozen different ideas about what most certainly didn't happen to her, and you wrote down some starter ideas for stories and look forward to coming up with more and elaborating and refining what you've already started as the months go on.

You are the youngest person who stayed behind, at 17, and while that is not so super-young (for this time period, it's pretty mature), you're still not as experienced or as grown-up as the rest of the people who have stayed. They range from proud to surprised to confused about your staying. You'd love to hear what every single one of them knows or thinks about the situation. You hope you don't come off as a nuisance to them at any point. You'll certainly try to be helpful and contribute where you can.

You know them all to be wonderful and caring people and they are glad to hear and have anyone's input and insight at any time, so you know you'll feel welcomed and well-received at the meetings. This is a special place, and these people are like your family. You parents and older brother all left to stay in Nashua, but they could not convince you to come no matter how much they begged, demanded, pleaded, or prayed that you would. You are a strong-willed young woman.

You can do a bit of everything there is to do around here, too, and have been found to be a very helpful hand and contributor to the community because of your ability to quickly pick up on whatever it is you are shown how to do and being generally a bit smarter than most. You can farm, and have a little plot of crops of your own, but also spend a lot of time helping others with their bigger farms and animals (which you don't keep any of yourself.) You can handle all kinds of animals with knowledge, you are a decent hunter, and you can even cook and sew decently well. You also like to play the guitar and mandolin, and can also play the fiddle a bit if it strikes you (you have one of each of these instruments.)

Wherever you are helping on any given day in the village, you're contributing something worthwhile and are appreciated by all. You love to get all the experiences you can, for the experiences themselves, certainly, but also because it helps with your writing.

You care about this place a great deal, and really do feel like it is your home and you don't want to imagine leaving it and the others here to some unknown fate.

Hopefully you can help figure out what is going on and resolve the situation, you will certainly do whatever you can.

#2 - you have an ability!

- Due to your insatiable curiousity you must notify me of a player / character to snoop in on their home come Night. You must do this every Day/Night cycle. Notify me at any time of who you'd like to snoop.

You win if the game ends favorably for Oakwood Village."

- I've been over it a bit in observer chat, but, if more people want to talk about it with me, please try and state your issues/concerns in a step-by-step manner so I can see your view of it (rather than just general things.)


Justin Dawson - Skilled Hunter (SH) -

Basic tracker with already mentioned tweaks + wagon vengeance (if Lynched can select target from their wagon and KILL them.)


Laura Jennings - Animal Doctor (AD) -

Semi-weak doctor with varying mechanics depending (can't save from WS, DW, AW, PV kills, err, I'd have to check my notes to see if that is actually accurate, it's something like that, typing this on the fly atm.)

How DOES a doctor save from a Werewolf kill anyway? Where all that remains are bits of blood and bone and flesh and cloth? HOW HOW HOW?!?!? Certainly not with any type of medical knowledge / abilities. They simply discourage the kill by their presence, the fact that they are anything "doctor" is completely irrelevant, except to the fact that they think maybe they can help? maybe? they can go check and see! and when they go check and see, if they successfully pick a target that is targeted for a NK, the character who is going to perform the NK sees/smells "someone" that is not their intended target, and aborts the kill.

Varying mechanics depending on target interactions at Night.


This is the point where I tell you all I had it all worked out so that there could be a WS with 2x ward, 2 BGs, and a doctor, and that it all makes sense, mechanically and logically and flavorly, but it is all pretty damn complex too, and I'd rather not get into it all. This is why the BGs had non-BG names (aside from the flavor of the times not fitting), two different names, the 1 was ignorant AND could submit at any time Night/Day. It was SO MUCH FuCKING FUN working out all the mechanics of this game. Now you all maybe understand my obsession with mechanics in every game!!!


Marie Thomson - Paranoid Villager (PV) - ignorant PBO + 1x Day-Vig.

Flavor strongly suggested they were a PGO, but they were given a 1x Day-Vig. ability and told that they were so paranoid that any point they could SNAP and kill someone, never told that it persisted through Night and that they were PGO. I think I handled the suggestion of it + ambiguity RIGHT ON (as I did with the Snoop.) But, blerman, the barn is stable as shit (built not long ago, you're pros at building, there's nowhere in flavor that says it is a weak barn!) You're just afraid the stuff INSIDE is going to fall and come down and crumble to unusable dirt.


William O'Brian - Village Worrier (VW) - effective bodyguard

I thought the flavor pretty much said bodyguard very creatively and effectively and accurately with no ambiguity, so did some other people, but then some weren't sure. I don't see watcher, if someone can explain that to me, please, it'd be much appreciated! Though what was in the flip was not exactly what was in the QT, it is pretty close (some stuff taken out.)


Emily + Eric Barton - common Villagers - sleeper N3 neighbors

If both players alive on N3 they are given their own QC. Unknown until N3 arrives (term sleeper).

Jim + Jay Peterson - normal Villagers - sleeper N4 neighbors

If both players alive on N4 they are given their own QC. Unknown until N4 arrives.

Craig Adams was the only truly standard villager (though effectively there were 4 others in the Bartons+Petersons.)

Adam, Sean-O, and Ferg were all standard wolves.


obviously that's not a comprehensive mechanics list, so, again again again, if you have questions about how things would have worked, ask!
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ACTION LIST by order of submission:


TammyTown wards bler144
TammyTown kills DragonSushi
Ixamyakxim snoops TammyTown
cristigale KILLs RWarehall
babark protects Ixamyakxim
Stanari tracks TammyTown
QuadrAlien worries over babark
TammyTown kills Dessimu
Dessimu KILLs babark
Brasas prowls Bookwyrm627
Brasas kills Bookwyrm627


Stanari tracks trentonlf
babark helps Ixamyakxim
Ixamyakxim snoops bler144
TammyTown watches Nachomamma8
Nachomamma8 kills babark
Brasas prowls TammyTown
Brasas confesses to TammyTown
TammyTown offers to heal Brasas
Brasas accepts heal from TammyTown


cristigale drains Stanari
Stanari tracks cristigale
TammyTown watches yogsloth


The Gulch

The Town of Nashua

Earl Barton's Home

Jason's Home
Thank you all SOOOOOOOOOO much for playing!!!

I have to split and make dinner and get to bed. I'm BEAT and that took a while to get together.

I look forward to you all discussing it / discussing it with you all. If anyone has any desire!
and a HUGE thanks to JMich for assisting me!

what a guy!
it's a good thing I'm already out of spoons for this game or I'd be crying on the floor

(Of course I tracked the ninja and hard-defended the wolf. Of course.)

Thank you drealmer & co for a wonderful, if (no offense) moderately screwy game. Amazing flavor and all. Also thank you to everyone on GOG for the very warm welcome! I'll definitely be back sometime, y'all are A+ folks.

Also the wolves kicked my ass.

Stanari: {Ix}
{Nacho, Brasas, Tammy}
{RWare, cristi, bler}
{Wyrm, Quadr, yog}
{trent, Lif, Dessimu}
some real mvp reads there stan

Nacho, I wanted you to be town so much :(

If anyone's feeling generous, gameplay-improvement-tips are always nice. Though I suspect this game it'll be something like "stop townreading the wolves dammit".
Holy god let me read all this.

Probably going to take a day or two to percolate through my brain and give critique.


Am I to understand nobody will get to drink my delicious cup of "Cinnamon Delight Please Don't Kill Me" I brewed?
Stanari: If anyone's feeling generous, gameplay-improvement-tips are always nice. Though I suspect this game it'll be something like "stop townreading the wolves dammit".
Stop townreading the wolves, dammit.

But don't be too hard on yourself, you had Lift and Dess at the bottom, and you were very good at handling pressure, and for the first 2.5 days I thought you and I towned well together until I got paranoid when it seemed like cristi was being run.

Still not sure I understand the balance, but it seems town had some great power but hampered by lots of confusion, and lucked out with two pro-town players drawing the neutral kill roles.

Anyway - hooray! But I'm kinda bummed.

When I started hard-reading Nacho as wolf I was totally tempted to pretend I had a completely different day action - using my herbs and tea to brew a magic potion. But wanted to do it while drealmer/yogs were both online, and before it went to evening.

Was going to grant yogs 1 wish - to dayvag Nacho. I had a dialogue in mind, and even a rough draft worked out of the "spell casting":

"So part of why I’ve been imagining a strong wolf team is that I have a 2nd power – using the herbs and teas in my barn, I can brew up a potion to grant one player a wish. This is the reason I got extra tense the other night, the decision on when to use this power and how to use it has weighed on me, moreso even than being a cop.
Like Tammy I would have burned it early in the game, but that I actually had theoretical immunity at night, so I risked saving it for the moment when it would have the greatest impact.
Since @yogs desperately wants the power to kill that others possess, I’m going to grant him a vig shot, but it has to be used today, and is limited to Nacho.
So with that, I invoke the magic words:

Foo Fighters Enya Kenny G Slayer
Spirits of Oakwood please hear my prayer!
Yogsloth seeks the power to kill
Through thee I invoke the will
One more vig-shot gonna be great!
(must be used on Nachomamma8)"

Anyway, that would have been amusing (to me) especially if I'd known it would end the game.

Otherwise I was kinda planning to kill yogs for S&Gs and since I could suggest flavor for the kill I was trying to convince him he should let me smother yogs with the "I love foo fighters" quilt my dear ol' grandma left me.

So without further ado: kill yogsloth

Was regretting leaving EOD3 suggestions when I was feeling confident there was just 1 to try and shut down - if it had been major multiball, I was paranoid I'd shot us in the foot by trying to restrict the kills.

Very glad it's over. Was dreading 5 days of wondering if I'd just completely effed up.

Thanks to drealmer for the imagination and the many players chipped in and made it fun and lively.
You did not just rhyme "Slayer" with "prayer".
yogsloth: You did not just rhyme "Slayer" with "prayer".
No, not just. I did it the other night and just cut/pasted it here.

Like I said, first draft.

But mostly I was going to get you all excited about using the vig shot by teasing it and talking it up. Don't know if you recall me saying I had something amusing for you that afternoon.
I really don't think any readlist where two wolves are top town tier is acceptable, lol. Alas didn't record my midgame progressions but I think it got better a little.

Amazing rhyme skillz btw
Lots of thouhts, most of them need to wait until tomorrow. I'm feeling dense, will someone explain this to me:

Brasas prowls TammyTown
Brasas confesses to TammyTown
TammyTown offers to heal Brasas
Brasas accepts heal from TammyTown

I get that Tammy got rid of Brasas....what's the confessing about? Was Brasas compelled to confess?
As far as I can tell: Brasas had a night action dependent on who he targeted, providing him a choice. He took the choice of confessing his werewolfness...and then Tammy had the choice of healing him (?) (or not?) and then Brasas accepted.

Scumchat and deadchat were a fun read. Have to laugh a little at the proposed fakeclaims.