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If anyone could gift me Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 (50% off on steam) i'd be so thankful
It's very expensive, so I will understand very well if I don't have answer :-)
But ArmA II is 50% OFF for next 48 hours and I'm short unfortunately. Thanks for reading ! :-)
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I didn't realise there was a plea thread.

Well, if anyone is feeling flush, generous and wants to know ill be safely locked in a room for two weeks, id love empire:total war on steam (currently 50% off on steam! - £6.49).

I WILL dance like a monkey if that happens!
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Any of the following Magicka DLC are much appreciated:

- Horror props
- peculiar gadgets
- heirlooms
- holiday spirit items

Thanks so much :3
It's a dream and the game is expansive but...well,I just try it XD
Max Payne 3 on Steam,the deal will end in five minuts (BOOM!)
I love 4x Space games and have had my eye on Endless Space for months but I just cannot afford it right now.

It's on sale for half price.

If someone would be so kind, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks and have a great day!
Skyrim would be extremely nice, it's on sale on and [url=]GMG.
It's still a lot of money I know, but I figure it never hurts to try.
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johnki: I'd really appreciate it if someone could gift me CYPHER: A Cyberpunk Text Adventure. I actually am writing for a small magazine (for fun, not being paid) and want to review it despite all the bad player comments I saw here on GOG, but I just can't afford it. :/
I'd still love this game. Still can't afford it, either. :/
Well, I would love to play Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale and it is on steam sale right now, but It's still expensive :/
Same thing with Borderlands: Game of the Year
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Can someone gift me World of Goo?
Total War Battles: SHOGUN is pretty cheap (around 1$) now but I can't buy the game in China (either Sega or Communist party decided that Total war is bad for PRC) anyone would be willing to gift me it?